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How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner for Your Hotel

Need a hotel vacuum cleaner? This article discusses how to choose the best commercial vacuum cleaner for your hotel or other hospitality facility. Whether you are sourcing for a large conference and resort hotel or a smaller facility such as a guest house, B&B or inn, you still need to get it right. It’s pretty… Read More »

Buying the Correct Sebo X1, X1.1, X4 Vacuum Motor: Ametek, Lamb or Domel?

When you are looking to replace the motor on your Sebo Automatic X vacuum cleaner it is important that you buy the correct one. Contrary to what you may read elsewhere on the internet, the Automatic X machines do not all have the same motor. Many sellers of new vacuum parts haven’t the first idea… Read More »

The Sebo XP10 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner – First Look and a Floor Test

Here at the Sebo Shop we are very fond of our commercial Sebo vacuum cleaners. Today we got to have a first look at the new Sebo XP10 (a replacement for the old XP2). It arrived in a plain brown box from Sebo’s UK HQ. We quickly unboxed and assembled the Sebo XP10 and had… Read More »

A Look Inside the New Sebo X7 Vacuum Cleaner.

Sometimes – as engineers – you have to take something apart simply to see how it is put together. Today we decided to take apart the new Sebo X7 Pet vacuum cleaner. For no other reason than to have a look at it and then rebuild it again. Contrary to popular belief,  they share almost… Read More »

Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner for Your Nursing Home, Retirement Home or Care Home.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner for your nursing home, retirement home or care home. Whether you call them convalescent homes, old folks homes, retirement homes, care homes or nursing homes, if you are in charge of procurement of vacuum cleaners for a care home of some description, this is the article you want to read. It… Read More »

Review The Sebo Shop

You are probably reading this page because we linked you to it from your Sebo Shop order confirmation email. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom. Like many businesses we tacitly solicit positive online reviews from our customers without trying to be pushy (there’s an aporia if ever there was… Read More »

Buy Sebo Vacuum Cleaners in and Around Cheshire

Buy Sebo Vacuum Cleaners in and Around Cheshire Authorised Sebo Dealers Cheshire – Manchester – Glossop Sales – Service – Repairs – Parts – Accessories Looking for a new Sebo vacuum cleaner? Before you buy from an unknown seller online or visit John Lewis, consider our Premium Home Delivery service.        Our Premium… Read More »

Buy a New Sebo Vacuum in Manchester, Stockport, Cheshire, Tameside or Glossop

Buy a New Sebo Vacuum in Manchester: If you are considering a Sebo vacuum cleaner, and are in or close to Manchester, Stockport, Cheshire, Tameside or Glossop, you may well consider heading down to John Lewis at Cheadle. Indeed, John Lewis do keep some Sebo vacuums in store at Cheadle. However, our range is larger,… Read More »

Our Sebo Automatic X4 Clear Vacuum (See-Through)

We came by one of these today, which are quite rare. A transparent, see-through version of the iconic Sebo X4 Automatic. From what we know, they were made available to dealers in years gone by by Sebo. They were produced so dealers could show customers the working parts inside and better explain the engineering. They… Read More »