Monthly Archives: August 2020

Can you still buy a new Sebo X4? Yes You Can!

Can you still buy a new Sebo X4? — You can if you know where to look. “Is the Sebo X4 1300w still available in the UK?” This is a question we are often asked. The official answer is no, not as an official UK model at least. However, we have an option for you… Read More »

“My Sebo Evolution Vacuum Cleaner Just Stopped Working”

Has your Sebo Evolution vacuum cleaner suddenly stopped working? It won’t switch on? This can be an Evolution 300, an Evolution 350 or an Evolution 450. If your Sebo Evolution has stopped working, and especially if it is quite new, it is usually caused by whoever assembled and/or uses it failing to route the power… Read More »

The Sebo X7 Graphite – Can You Buy Cheaper Than From John Lewis?

The Sebo X7 Graphite vacuum cleaner. Or to give it its full description, the Sebo Automatic X7 ePower Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Graphite. For clarity, the two part numbers are 85560602 and 91504GBG. So, is it good value? Can you buy it or a comparable Sebo vacuum cheaper? What’s the difference between the X7 Graphite, the… Read More »