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How to Strip Down a Sebo Turbo Floor Head – 8365GS

If you need to strip down a Sebo turbo floor head, this article is for you. The new replacement floorheads supplied by Sebo changed several years ago. They are ostensibly similar, and the new one performs better. The two types are below. The older type (6780ER) is at the back, the newer type (8365GS) is… Read More »

How to Fix the Bag Full Light on a Sebo X1 or X4

How to fix the bag full light on a Sebo X1 or an X4: If you have a Sebo X1 or an early X4 (which are 1300w models not later 1100w models) and your bag full light is coming on causing the machine to cut out, we are going to show you how to fix… Read More »