All About the Navy Blue Sebo X7 Boost Vacuum

By | May 1, 2023

We took a navy blue Sebo X7 Boost vacuum cleaner off a customer in part exchange recently and then realised (because we’re Sebo anoraks) that we hadn’t encountered that particular variant before. So we thought we’d mention it here in case someone is randomly Googling and wants to know about them.

This is a Sebo X7 Boost vacuum cleaner in navy blue.

Sebo X7 Boost

Looks like any other Sebo X7 really, doesn’t it? Well, it kind of is – that is, it’s nothing special. Despite being an “exclusive retailer special edition”.

We’ve talked about retailer special editions here before, and from this article about a John Lewis one, here is what they are about:

The reason some stores approach manufacturers of appliances and ask them to make an “exclusive” line for them is in order that nobody is able to make a like-for-like comparison with other appliances at other retailers. This allows them to offer things like a “price match promise”.

If nobody else sells the identical machine in all respects you don’t need to price match anybody. All you need to do is give a wry smile and say, “Ah, but that machine is not exactly the same as ours, let me explain why…………”

This is marketing from the 1970s large department store retail playbook, and you don’t see that much of it nowadays as people are wise to it. But some of the old-school retailers from the era of Captain Peacock in Are You Being Served still believe this stuff works.

So that’s what special editions are about. Paying more money for “exclusive” things that we can sell you for less anyway.

All Sebo X7 vacuum cleaners are quite similar in the basic specification. They all have similar or identical body parts, motors, tool fittings, wand handles, switches, etc. All that differs is the colour of the body and trims, the extras offered with the machine, and in the case of some models such as this one, an extra Boost button (you’ll learn what a Boost button is shortly).

Sebo X7 Boost vacuum

You can mix and match accessories with us, and that allows us to beat any price on a so-called “special edition” with an identical specification machine.

So to explain more about the Sebo X7 Boost vacuum cleaner, it differs slightly in specification from the standard navy blue Sebo X7 – despite looking almost identical. It is per the standard blue X7 but it has black trims instead of yellow and borrows the headlight and Boost button from the black Sebo X7 Pet (which is the one to buy, see >here< for why).

And that’s it! So it sat somewhere between the standard blue Sebo X7 Extra and the black Sebo X7 Pet.

It isn’t a variant that is sold anymore, it was sold by Hughes (no, us neither) around 2017-2018. Who is Hughes?

Hughes Electrical is a UK-based electrical retailer that sells a wide range of products such as televisions, home appliances, audio equipment, computing devices, and more. The company has over 50 stores nationwide and also operates an online store.

However, Hughes no longer sells Sebo vacuums, they sell only Chinese machines badged as Hoover to those wanting a mains-powered upright machine now.

So if you encounter a Sebo X7 Boost vacuum used, now you know it is at least five years old and is a discontinued variant that was sold by Hughes.

Having cleared that up, let’s discuss the Boost element that the Sebo X7 Boost vacuum had and that the Sebo X7 Pet still has.

Here’s that Sebo X7 Boost vacuum closer up.

Sebo X7 Boost vacuum

See that circular round grey button above the O and M in Automatic? That’s it.

When pressed, the “Boost” button on a Sebo X4 or X7 Pet (or the discontinued X7 Boost) is a feature that works in conjunction with the self-levelling feature to lower the cleaner head deeper into the carpet.

Sebo ‘Automatic’ vacuums use a unique self-leveling feature that helps to ensure that the brushroll is always at the ideal height on uneven or changing surfaces.

When the vacuum is in use, Sebo Automatic vacuums adjust to the contours of the floor, ensuring that the cleaning head maintains optimal contact with the surface at all times.

The self-leveling feature is particularly useful when cleaning carpets, as it helps to ensure that the brushroll maintains consistent contact with the fibres of the carpet, allowing for more effective cleaning. Additionally, the self-leveling feature can help to reduce operator fatigue by making the vacuum easier to push and manoeuvre, even on surfaces with significant variations in height or texture.

Sebo’s self-levelling feature is a clever and effective solution that helps to ensure a more efficient and comfortable cleaning experience, particularly when working with carpets and other uneven surfaces.

The Boost option dials that up a notch by lowering the head even further. If you want carpet stripes, buy a Sebo with a Boost button. It really isn’t a gimmick – it’s the feature all Sebo enthusiasts crave.

The best value (and best-selling) Sebo you can currently buy happens to have a Boost button, and that is the Sebo X7 Pet.

Deep Pile Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

It comes with the Boost button, a headlight when in use, this extension hose, this dusting brush, and this mini turbo tool.

The X7 Pet also comes with a charcoal filter that neutralises smells, a 40′ flex, and a direct-to-Sebo five-year guarantee. And let’s not forget that a Sebo warranty – should you ever need it – doesn’t involve five hours on hold to someone on the Indian subcontinent. It means calling High Wycombe and speaking to a helpful person.

And there you have it. You now know everything there is to know about the Hughes Sebo X7 Boost. Why a Sebo X7 Pet represents better value for money and why so-called “special editions” aren’t that special.

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