Which is the Best Vacuum For the Mosque? Sebo

By | May 10, 2022

If you’re looking for the best vacuum for the mosque, you want a Sebo. We’ll help you get the best model for your mosque.

In many mosques, there is a very expensive high-quality carpet imported from Turkey such as this. This is a small mosque in Nelson, Lancashire who recently bought their Sebo BS360 from us.

Best vacuum for mosque

They had just had their brand new carpet fitted and naturally came to us for their Sebo.

Best vacuum for mosque

The carpet manufacturer in Turkey always recommends a commercial Sebo vacuum cleaner. Usually, they are very insistent that only a Sebo vacuum will do.

A commercial Sebo vacuum cleaner is absolutely the best vacuum for the carpet in the mosque. Don’t consider anything cheaper.

We are the largest main dealer in the North West for commercial Sebo vacuums. Our Sebos are to be found in many mosques up and down the UK and abroad.

best vacuum for the mosque

So which is the best model of Sebo vacuum for the mosque? Let’s take a look.

There are two initial considerations:

1) Height adjustment: manual or automatic?

Do you want a machine that is self-levelling, and suitable for many different floor types? If you have different types of flooring throughout your mosque, you might consider the XP range. The XP range are single motor vacuums that automatically adjust for height as you are using them. They are also quite light to push.

If you have mostly one type of carpet, are fine with a manual height adjustment and want a stronger twin-motor machine, you might consider the BS range. Lots of hotels and cleaning companies use a Sebo BS. Most of the very big mosques use a BS machine.

2) Machine width: 36cm or 44-46cm

There are two widths you would consider for the mosque. A normal domestic vacuum you have at home is usually around 30cm wide. You need something wider in a mosque.

If you have a small to medium size mosque, a 36cm wide machine will be OK. If you have a large mosque such as Manchester Central Mosque (who bought their two Sebo BS460s from us), you want a 44-46cm wide machine so you can cover more of the floors in less time.

Here are the four machines you should be thinking about.

Here is the self-levelling single motor XP20 which is 36cm wide.

Sebo XP20

We sell these >>here<<.

Here is the self-levelling single motor XP30 which is 44cm wide.

Sebo XP30

We sell these >>here<<.

Here is the twin motor BS360 which is 36cm wide. 

Which vacuum cleaner for the mosque?

We sell these >>here<<.

Here is the twin motor BS460 which is 46cm wide.

Sebo BS460

We sell these >>here<<.

What do most mosques buy? 

We sell a lot of Sebos to mosques, and most of them – maybe 80% – buy a BS machine. The other 20% will choose an XP machine. The BS machines are the world’s best-selling upright commercial vacuum cleaners. They even use them in Buckingham Palace.

Where to buy one?

If you are close enough to visit us (find us >>here<<), bring a carpet sample along if you have one, and try both types before you buy. We have demonstrators of BS and XP Sebo vacuums you can test out.

If you are too far away from us, you can buy online from us >>here<< and get free 48-hour delivery.

What about the guarantee? 

All commercial Sebo vacuums have a 12-month return to base warranty. That means you must bring or send it to us in the event of a problem. However, as Sebo vacuums are hand-made in Germany and the best-selling commercial upright vacuums in the world, a warranty problem is unlikely.

We hope you found this article useful. If you have any questions before you buy, you can email us >>here<<.


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