Black Sebo X7 Vacuum Cleaners: They’re Not All the Same.

By | August 8, 2022

Not all X7 black Sebo vacuum cleaners are the same. That’s why some look quite cheap compared to others. In this article, we explain.

Sebo has a confusing range of upright X7 models of vacuum cleaners. They have a habit of having two or more of the same colour machines in the X7 range that are in fact, different models.

They have two pink X7 models for example. And more than one navy blue model of X7. Why? Nobody knows.

Several different model versions of the X7 are black, or almost black, and this causes much confusion as model numbers and prices differ. This is because specifications differ, but nobody else tells you this.

So let’s demystify them.

Something you should know first is that the word “Automatic” isn’t a model differentiator. the Word Automatic on a Sebo refers to the self-levelling feature. All Sebo X7s have it, so all Sebo X7s are Automatic. Same with “e-power”, which just means it meets EU power regulations.

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Right at the start, for those who want to save time, I’m going to tell you that the black Sebo X7 Pet Boost is the one to have. Model number 91540GB.

Sebo Automatic X7 Pet Black

The Sebo X7 Pet Boost version in gloss black is the top of the range. It’s also, without doubt, the best value when you look at what it comes with.

The most popular feature with Sebo Pet Boost X7 is the Boost button. The Boost button – when pressed – enables the head of the machine to gently sink into the pile of the carpet in order that the brush roll agitates the carpet more aggressively than it otherwise would do. This is especially effective on pet hair. It’s not a gimmick, it really does work very well. Other black models don’t have this.

The Sebo X7 Pet Boost also comes with the following:

Take any lesser specification Sebo and add all those extra bits to it and it comes out much more expensive than just buying the X7 Pet Boost in the first place. That’s why it’s the best value Sebo you can buy.

Many people when they buy a cheap black Sebo X7 think they’re buying the Pet Boost. Because they look similar in photos.

Look at this:

This is Sebo X7 Graphite vacuum cleaner that John Lewis sells. For clarity, the two part numbers are 85560602 and 91504GBG.

Sebo X7 Graphite

This is not a black Sebo vacuum cleaner. The Sebo X7 Graphite is dark charcoal grey in colour, not black as it may look on some screens. So it’s not to be confused with other dark grey or black models of Sebo.

This is NOT the same as an X7 Pet Boost, and not as good value as an X7 Pet Boost. Find out why in this article: The Sebo X7 Graphite – Can You Buy Cheaper Than From John Lewis?

Here’s another one:

Sebo X7 Onyx

Typically sold by AO, Amazon, and a few independents, this is the X7 Onyx (model numbers 91500GB1 and 0821). This is another black model not to be confused with the black X7 Pet Boost, despite looking similar. This machine is entry-level spec (same as this one we sell in white) and comes only as you see it with none of the extras mentioned above at all.

Here’s another one:

This is the Sebo X7 Pro. This is sold by Euronics dealers. For clarity, the part number is 91533GB.

This one has a headlight so looks pretty similar to the X7 Pet Boost, but its not a black Sebo vacuum cleaner. It’s dark grey and not quite black.

This is NOT the best value Sebo X7 you can buy, and again, this article explains why not: The Sebo X7 Pro – Can You Buy Cheaper Than From Euronics?

So there are four black Sebo vacuum cleaners (or ones that look black) that are not the same. We’d suggest the black X7 Pet represents the best value for money for a Sebo X7 by far. It is our best-selling model for that reason and you can find them on our site with free next working day, fully tracked DPD delivery by clicking the button below.

More Information

If you would like to research other model variants, have a read of this: Which Is the Best Value Sebo Vacuum Cleaner You Can Buy?

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