How to Buy a Sebo Vacuum Cleaner on Credit

By | December 12, 2022

Can you buy a Sebo vacuum cleaner on credit?

Well, yes of course if you put it on your credit card. But we don’t want you paying interest, so read on.

A better question might be can you buy a Sebo vacuum cleaner on credit that is free?

You might call it hire purchase or HP (a somewhat outdated term), easy payments (very American), or flexible terms. Whatever you call it, we’re going to discuss how to get a Sebo vacuum cleaner without paying for all of it today.

As we are hearing so much about the cost of living crisis, or the credit crunch or whatever we call it these days, there’s no doubt that many people find it handy to spread the cost of more expensive items out a little.

Why pay for a big ticket item like a Sebo all at once, if you can spread it out over say, a couple of months?

When you buy a Sebo vacuum, you are making an investment in a premium German appliance that is likely to last you for over 15 years.

How to Buy a Sebo Vacuum Cleaner on Credit

Viewed in that context, It might not be unreasonable to spread the cost of a new Sebo over a few months.

A new Sebo X7 Pet is not far short of four hundred quid. And the new Sebo BP60 cordless is not far short of seven hundred quid. So spreading the cost over say, three months, interest free, might be a good idea, right?

If it’s only over three months, the idea to buy a Sebo vacuum cleaner on credit doesn’t seem awfully onerous. You’re not tied to payments for a year or more, you are simply spreading the cost out into three easy monthly payments. With no interest. 

Not everyone who wants a Sebo vacuum has a spare four hundred or seven hundred spare in any given month to splurge on a new vacuum. And we all know Sod’s Law dictates that whenever your old vacuum chooses to blow up, it will be a week before Christmas or on a month when you had a load of other unexpected expenses.

So for this reason, we’ve partnered with one of our website payment providers, PayPal, to offer what they call “Pay in 3” on our Sebo Shop website.

Buy a Sebo Vacuum Cleaner on Credit

It’s as simple as it looks.

Subject to eligibility (and that’s not criteria we select – it’s a dark art decided by PayPal), if you select PayPal to checkout with, you should be offered the “Pay in 3” option.

If, for whatever reason, you are not eligible for “Pay in 3”, you should see an option for similar types of credit.

If you want to read all the T&Cs and FAQs on PayPal “Pay in 3” you can do so on their site >>here<<

Many of our customers are large companies or PLCs, schools, universities or local authorities. Those types of entities don’t need to buy a Sebo vacuum cleaner on credit, of course. And they won’t be reading this for that reason.

This article is aimed at the domestic customer or the smaller cleaning company. People who might find it useful to spread the cost of a new Sebo vacuum over several months.

And that leads us to a few questions that you might want to know the answer to, which might not be on PayPal’s site:

Will Manchester Vacs/Sebo Shop know I’ve used “Pay in 3”? 

We won’t. As the arrangement is between you and PayPal, we are not privy to the details. All we will see is another purchase made using PayPal, which is about 40% of our transactions every day. PayPal pays us as you checkout as normal. We don’t see the funding source.

Will it impact my credit file? 

Our understanding is that unlike providers such as the purportedly less reputable providers such as Klarna and Clearpay, PayPal only does a soft credit check that doesn’t show on your credit file.

How does PayPal monetise the transaction if there is no interest?

We asked them this question in detail. If they are not charging you interest, and not charging us any more, how do they make money? Or put another way: how might they benefit from offering free credit?

On all PayPal transactions, we pay something like 1% more in fees than if you use a regular debit or credit card online with us. So they get that 1% over and above a regular card payment which you might otherwise choose to use.

1% doesn’t seem very much, but it mounts up.

As e-commerce evolves, and PayPal moves away from their traditional niches such as eBay, you are now their client too as you are using their money for free. You may choose to use “Pay in 3” on other sites with other purchases in the future, they get the extra 1% from the seller on that too. They may later choose to offer you a credit card, loan, or other financial services.

Once upon a time, you had to use PayPal on eBay. You don’t anymore. They must have lost a lot of money from that change. Their aim seems to be that to provide customers and sellers with certain protections (you against scam sellers and us against fraudulent buyers, ‘item not received’ fraud, etc) they need to grow their presence on larger private e-commerce sites such as ours.

As the largest Sebo dealer in the North, our turnover a year through PayPal is very respectable, and we’ve been a customer since the dawn of e-commerce in the late 90s, and we have almost zero chargebacks or valid disputes, so they know we’re OK.

You may have used eBay in the past so may have a PayPal account already.

If you use their money to buy a Sebo vacuum on credit with us, you have a PayPal account now if you didn’t before.

You may choose to use it with other sites in the future for PayPal Express Checkout, which is quite convenient as it populates your address and data without you typing. It also protects you against dodgy sellers and/or unknown websites and keeps your card data safe. They’ll cream the extra 1% from the seller on that too.

Over time, they’ll make a little money, 1% here and there, if you become a regular PayPal user. It all mounts up.

Is it worthwhile to buy a Sebo vacuum cleaner on credit?

There’s no downside. It doesn’t cost you any more. It doesn’t cost us any more than if you used PayPal anyway. Everyone wins.

All it does enable is for you to spread the cost of a new Sebo vacuum over three months at zero extra cost.

Sebo Vacuum Cleaner on credit

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