Should You Buy Sebo Parts on Amazon? Read This First

By | June 5, 2022

Should you buy Sebo parts on Amazon?

You probably know that when you buy Sebo bags on Amazon or other Sebo spare parts, Amazon is not usually the actual seller, it’s simply the platform that connects you to the seller.

In other words, an unnecessary third party is in between the buyer and seller taking a big cut.

Before you buy Sebo parts on Amazon or buy Sebo bags on Amazon, consider if you can get better value buying from the same seller direct.

Buy Sebo Parts on Amazon

It’s easy enough to buy Sebo parts on Amazon, it’s all designed to be super fast and really “one-click” easy, but do you know how much Amazon makes from your spend? Most people don’t know Amazon takes between 16% and 35% of your total spend. Sometimes more.

That money isn’t simply ‘absorbed’ by the seller, there isn’t the margin to do so. It’s simply added on by the seller. Most people think Amazon is cheap, often it’s not.

Here’s a simple example, if we have an item that costs us £10, and we’d like to see £3 profit, and if we have people pack and post it (via the cheapest economy method), that costs another £4, add £1 for overheads, we need £18 incoming to make a £3 profit.

But if we sell it on Amazon, they charge a minimum circa 17% of the gross. Amazon has very generous 30-day return policies, often seller-funded, and a host of other policies that penalise sellers and allow the occasional unscrupulous fraudster to shop for free. Those extra costs must also be shared among all buyers. All those ‘easy returns’ are paid for by someone, and that someone is you.

The calculation we do for Amazon sales we fulfill is 20%. That’s their basic 16% ish seller fee, plus sundry other fees and a small margin to cover fraud, A-Z guarantee claims, returns, and the dishonest few who use Amazon to steal. So that part we wanted £18 for is now £22.99. You’re paying a fiver more. Do you still think Amazon is cheap? 

The Sebo Shop

The above calculation is basic maths. There’s no magical way around those numbers for any seller, not if they want to make any profit. That’s actually the best-case scenario.

About Amazon Free Delivery

Amazon sellers are encouraged to offer “free delivery” on everything.

We all know that delivery is not really free, and it is simply included in the cost of the item. On our own site, we use a different model. The prices are what they need to be, and you pay for delivery on any order below £120 in value (over £120 and it’s free). We think that is more transparent.

We don’t want you waiting a week or more for a budget carrier, and we know you want tracking too, so our delivery charge is for a premium service, which is usually Royal Mail Tracked 24 or DPD. Amazon orders we fulfill get Evri/Hermes or whatever is the cheapest delivery, as we must offer “free delivery” on Amazon.

Why Amazon Sometimes Looks Cheap

For a small handful of very fast-moving items, such as a packet of bags, Amazon buys these in bulk from the UK distributor or maybe grey imports them. They put almost zero profit on them and offer free delivery via their own network. They’re the loss leaders to suck you in and make you think Amazon is cheap. If you only want one of that small range of items for under £20 using your Prime ‘free delivery’, they’ll be very competitively priced there for those reasons.

But if you want expensive items or several different items, and especially items Amazon doesn’t sell (only about 5% of our Sebo parts are on Amazon – our own site is our main platform), then you will absolutely get a better deal shopping direct with us.

Buy Direct to save Money on Big Ticket and Multiple Items

If you need a Sebo costing several hundred pounds or several items at the same time, here’s where you can really make savings by buying direct. Before you buy Sebo parts on Amazon, probably from us anyway, know that you’ll more than likely get better value on our own site.

Even with our transparent delivery charge for next day Royal Mail Tracked 24 delivery, you should still save money.

I’ll tell you why and show you two sample transactions to illustrate.

A Sebo BS360 is the top-selling commercial vacuum. It’s >>here on our site<< (links open in a new window) and >>here on Amazon<<. At the time of writing, our site is £40 cheaper.

Let’s suppose you have a Sebo X7. You want a replacement onboard hose, three packets of bags, a new mini turbine tool and a replacement power cord. At the time of writing, on our site that comes to £99.20. With us, you’d pay a £6.99 delivery charge (free on orders above £120) and get it tomorrow with full tracking. So the total would be £106.19. And as it’s over £100, you even get a cool free pen with us.

Should You Buy Sebo Parts on Amazon?

Now let’s look at that same basket from Amazon.

Should You Buy Sebo Parts on Amazon? Buy Sebo Parts on Amazon

As you can see, it’s £119.80 from Amazon, two of the items are coming from us anyway, and only part of it qualifies for free delivery. So we’re at least £13.61 cheaper and you’ll get it tomorrow!

And that’s before you go through the confusing Amazon checkout with them trying to sell you subscriptions to things, credit cards, and adding a delivery charge because at least one item comes from another seller.

And there’s a thing about multiple sellers. Many Sebo parts you might buy on Amazon come from third-party sellers. Sometimes dispatched by that seller to you, sometimes stored in Amazon’s warehouses and despatched by Amazon on the seller’s behalf from different locations (which costs the seller circa 35%). So if you make an order of half a dozen items, you might get six parcels from six locations spread across several days. How green does that sound?

Why not shop with us, save money and have it all arrive the next day in one box?

The Sebo Shop

Get Your Delivery Faster

We are the biggest sellers of Sebo spare parts in the North West, we sell on our own sites, eBay, and Amazon to all of the UK. We ship hundreds of Sebo spare parts orders every single day. Do you think we prioritise Amazon orders? Of course not. Amazon gives us two or three days to ship by slow economy methods (a must to meet the price point there – remember the “free delivery” above?), charges us the most, and costs us the most in customer service time. Priority goes to our own direct customers who get Royal Mail Tracked 24 delivery at Then comes eBay (because they cost a little less) and last is Amazon.

About Returns

Amazon has very high return rates. This is because Amazon listings are often ambiguously written by AI or copied from elsewhere on the internet. Many have the wrong compatibility information or the wrong photos. People tend not to read the listings on Amazon so much, and if unsure, they order three similar-looking things, see which one fits, and return the other two. For free. That’s a nightmare for sellers and inconvenient for buyers.

Our return rate is almost zero. And here’s why: the listings on our site are written by us, we know what part fits what machine, and we take the photos, so buying mistakes are highly unlikely.  If something looks very much like something else, we highlight it and point you to the other to make sure you get the right one the first time. We try to stop returns before they happen by having accurate listings. And it works.

Last but Not Least: The Ethics

We’ve all read the media reports that discuss the poor working conditions at Amazon. Or the story about how millions of pounds worth of returns get tipped. Or the story about how they paid no corporation tax. The list goes on. That’s what makes some of the stuff cheap and that’s how Jeff gets to buy a spaceship. And that’s why many local high streets are littered with kebab shops and charity shops, and all the independent stores have closed.

When you shop with us you’re buying from a British family business. The profits help put sandwiches in a school lunchbox, not rocket fuel in a billionaires spaceship or dividends to shareholders.

British businesses have long been the backbone of the economy, providing millions of jobs and contributing billions of pounds to the GDP. In recent years, however, British businesses have come under increasing pressure from global giants like Amazon. Amazon’s dominance of the online retail market has forced many small businesses out of business, and its reputation for low prices has made it difficult for British businesses to compete.

However, there are still many reasons to support British businesses over Amazon. British businesses are more likely to invest in the local economy and create jobs, while Amazon is more likely to divert profits overseas. British businesses are also more likely to source their products from UK suppliers, helping to support British industry. So next time you’re looking to make a purchase, think twice before you buy Sebo parts on Amazon, or anything else on Amazon for that matter. Instead, look for a British business that can offer you the same product or service, and often save you money.

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