Buy Sebo Spares Delivered in Recycled Packaging

By | April 24, 2023

Sebo spares delivered in recycled packaging: If you buy Sebo spare parts from us, there’s a good chance they will arrive in recycled packaging. Something like this.

Buy Sebo Spares Delivered in Recycled Packaging

If you’re environmentally conscious, here’s a thing about shopping with us: as well as dismantling hundreds of old Sebos a year allowing us to offer many recycled spare parts, we use lots of recycled packaging that we get from other local businesses.

We don’t see the need to cut trees down to make new boxes while local shops are throwing boxes away. So don’t be surprised if your Sebo order comes in a box that says something completely different on the outside.

We also use lots of shredded cardboard as internal packaging too. That means you can recycle the packaging a second time into your paper bin. How green is that?

We think it’s pretty cool to utilise boxes from nearby businesses for this purpose. We also have a cardboard shredding machine that turns all the cardboard and boxes that spares arrive to us packed in, into internal packaging. Here’s an Instagram post showing you it in action.

Our mail trolleys often go out looking like something from the Walkers crisp factory.

Buy Sebo Spares Delivered in Recycled Packaging

Not that we’re zealous greenies especially, but we think recycling where you can and when it’s easy to do is just common sense. We send hundreds of parcels a day, and that means 100+ of them, plus the internal packaging, are sent in recycled packaging. We think that makes us greener than Kermit the Frog in a St Patrick’s Day outfit.

Most of our customers get it. However, not all our customers get it. And if you are one of those who choose to email us on the subject to complain, we’ll point you to this post to explain.

We get mostly nice emails from people, but we occasionally get the odd angrygram asking why an order has arrived in “an old box”. We often explain that cardboard boxes are expensive and expensive boxes, perhaps with our name on them, probably cost a quid or more each. We sometimes ask if the customer would be happier to pay two quid extra delivery to have a nicer box? We seldom get a reply to that……….

But as I said, some people get it, here’s one email we received:

Many thanks for the replacement part for our Sebo. The part fitted perfectly and we are back up and running! The recycled wine box that the part arrived in threw me initially (free wine!?) but I was even more impressed by your service and the ability to get our 20-year-old vacuum fixed and back in use.

Many thanks,

Jon M**

Here’s another:

Thank you order was received today, nice to see you reuse cardboard boxes but I think it’s a bit mean to not leave at least one packet of the space raiders pickled onion flavour corn snacks with the hoover parts!!!!


Here’s a lady that didn’t get it:

I received my order from you but am not at all impressed with the packaging you used. As I paid £6.99 postage and packing I would not expect my goods to be sent in a Tena box with lots of scruffy brown tape round it. I would be interested to hear your thoughts. I won’t be buying from you again unless you can guarantee better packaging.
Yours sincerely

Lucy Co***

Here was our reply to Lucy:

We use a lot of recycled packaging. I feel there is no need to cut more trees down so you can have a pretty box. The £6.99 is actually cost for DPD.

If you want gift wrapping and a bow on top I’m sure you can order that from John Lewis for more money.

There are several benefits to online businesses like us using recycled packaging, including:

Environmental Benefits: The use of recycled packaging reduces the demand for virgin materials, conserving natural resources and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. Recycling packaging also reduces the carbon footprint of businesses, as it requires less energy to produce recycled materials than it does to produce new materials.

Cost Savings: Recycled packaging is often less expensive than virgin materials, and many companies offer discounts for using eco-friendly packaging. Additionally, using recycled packaging can reduce the costs associated with waste disposal.

Positive Public Image: Using recycled packaging demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, which can enhance a company’s reputation and attract customers who prioritise eco-friendliness.

But another big reason we use recycled packaging is to deter theft in transit.

Using recycled packaging can help reduce the risk of postal theft because it makes it more difficult for thieves to identify valuable items inside packages. When items are shipped in original packaging or new, branded packaging, it’s easy for thieves to recognise what’s inside and decide whether or not it’s worth stealing. However, when items are shipped in recycled packaging, it’s much harder for thieves to know what’s inside, as the packaging may be of various sizes and shapes, and may not have any labels or markings indicating what’s inside.

Additionally, recycled packaging may be less visually appealing and less likely to attract the attention of thieves. Bright, shiny packaging may catch the eye of potential thieves and make them more interested in stealing the contents, whereas recycled packaging may blend in more with other packages and not draw as much attention.

Finally, using recycled packaging can also help reduce the overall amount of waste produced, which can have a positive impact on the environment. By using materials that would otherwise be discarded, we can reduce the amount of energy, resources, and landfill space needed to produce new packaging materials. This can help make our communities more sustainable and resilient over the long term.

Were your Sebo spares delivered in recycled packaging? All the reasons above are why your Sebo spare parts arrived in a Monster Munch box. And yes, even spare parts orders we send to Windsor Castle go in recycled packaging. Charles hasn’t complained yet.

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