Buy Sebo Vacuum Spare Parts & Bags in Devon

By | July 21, 2022

Buy Sebo Vacuum Spares & Bags in Devon

If you need to buy Sebo vacuum spare parts or bags in Devon, we have everything you need.

Buy Sebo Vacuum Spare Parts & Bags in Devon

There’s no need to drive miles to a little shop that might not have what you need. Shop with us online and get Royal Mail Tracked 24 delivery on Sebo bags, spares and parts, and next working day DPD delivery on new Sebo vacuum cleaners.

We are probably the largest Sebo-approved dealer in the UK. We stock genuine Sebo bags and spare parts alongside carefully selected aftermarket, recycled, and many of our own brand spare parts. We have many exclusive lines that you won’t find anywhere else such as tool adaptor sets and dog grooming tools for your Sebo.

Buy Sebo Vacuum Spares & Bags in Devon

We stock our own brand replacement power cords for your Sebo vacuum that are longer than, and exceed the quality of the originals.

Replacement Sebo power cord Devon

We even have a free video tutorial to show you how to fit your new flex properly. If you would rather not do it yourself, we have a service where you can send us your handle and we’ll fit a new flex for you and send it right back.

Why Not Just Buy From Amazon or eBay?

We have a whole article here about buying Sebo spares on Amazon. But in synopsis, why pay more on a third-party platform (and probably buy from us anyway) when you can save money and buy direct? Amazon and eBay cream off between 16% and 31% of your spend in seller fees and that money is simply added on to what you buy. People think Amazon is cheap. Often it isn’t.

We don’t pretend delivery is “free” like third-party platforms. We all know it isn’t. We keep our pricing competitive and on orders below £120 you pay a flat delivery charge for a premium delivery service with tracking. We think that is far more transparent. And certainly, for deliveries to Devon, we find our customers appreciate a proper delivery service with proper tracking. It makes for a better customer experience.

We only list maybe 5-10% of our lines on third-party platforms such as Amazon and eBay, our own site is our main platform with a far greater range of Sebo spares than you will find on Amazon.

Buy Sebo Vacuum Spares & Bags in Devon

We’ve all read the media reports that discuss the poor working conditions at Amazon. Or the story about how millions of pounds worth of returns get tipped. Or the story about how they paid no corporation tax. The list goes on. That’s what makes some of the stuff cheap and that’s how Jeff gets to buy a spaceship. And that’s why many local high streets are littered with kebab shops and charity shops, and all the independent stores have closed. In some parts of Devon, you’ll be painfully aware of that (we have family in Hayle and Camborne who complain about this).

Why Our Sebo Shop Website is Superior

Our website is written by sensible people, for sensible people. We take our own photos and we write our own descriptions. We know what fits what machine. If a part needs a special screwdriver to fit it, we tell you and link you to it. If a part looks similar to others, we highlight it and link you to the other. If a part is awkward to fit, we have video tutorials linked within the listings to show you how. If you need technical advice, we have our free advice forums to help you. You can ask questions and get free advice there. We can’t offer any of that on Amazon or eBay.

Sebo spare parts Devon

Because our site is written properly and because we are Sebo experts, we find this minimises returns. As long as you know your model number, read the listings carefully and compare the photos to what you need, returns should be unnecessary. Our returns rate is close to zero. Amazon’s return rate is reputed to be as much as 21%.

Returns are inconvenient for customers and cost sellers a lot of money. That expense is written into prices on other sites. Our very low return rate allows us to keep our prices keen.

On our own site, we have a greater range of Sebo spare parts than you will find anywhere else. If you don’t see what you need, you can ping us an email and we’ll send you back a bespoke checkout link for it or add it to the site (always remember to check your spam as emails with links often end up there).

Buy Sebo Vacuum Spares & Bags in Devon

Get Extra Tools for Your Sebo

Sebo vacuums come with a very limited tool set. We have a huge range of extra tools compatible with your Sebo that allows you to do pretty much any job. Many of them you cannot buy from Sebo or anywhere else.

Buying a New Sebo Vacuum Cleaner in Devon

If you’re looking for a new Sebo vacuum cleaner, we’ve got a greater range than the big box stores.

Buy a Sebo vacuum cleaner in Devon

We stock the full range of domestic and commercial Sebo vacuum cleaners. We also stock Sebo Duo carpet cleaning machines and Sebo Dart 3 floor polishers.

We offer better value than John Lewis or Euronics, we are usually cheaper than Amazon, and we have a super guide that helps you choose the best value Sebo vacuum cleaner. You can get deals on bags at the same time and all our vacuums come with pain-free DPD delivery.

Buy Sebo Vacuum Spares & Bags in Devon

Sebo Vacuum Repairs in Devon

If you’re in Devon and want a Sebo vacuum cleaner repairing, we have a service for this. It’s a painless service and you can read all about it here: Sebo vacuum repairs in Devon

About Us

We’re a family business based on the outskirts of Manchester. Family businesses often provide better service and have more product knowledge than faceless larger companies. A family business can also be more innovative, offering unique products and services that larger companies cannot match. Whether you’re looking for better service, more product knowledge, or unique offerings, buying from a family business is often the best decision.

When the BBC want some vacuum expertise they ask us. When ex-cabinet ministers, TV and sports personalities want a Sebo vacuum cleaner, they often come to us.

Sebo Vacuum Bags, Spares and Sales in Devon

When ITV want a Sebo vacuum cleaner for Coronation St, they get it from us. When Gordon Burns from the Krypton Factor wants his vacuum repaired, he comes to us.

Here’s a typical review:

I was extremely pleased with the efficiency with which my order was processed and the very speedy delivery! I would recommend Manchester Vacs to any SEBO appliance owner. – Mrs Kate Sims

If you’re environmentally conscious, here’s another thing about shopping with us: as well as dismantling hundreds of old Sebos a year allowing us to offer many recycled spare parts, we use lots of recycled packaging that we get from other local businesses. We don’t see the need to cut trees down to make new boxes while local shops are throwing boxes away. So don’t be surprised if your Sebo order comes in a box that says something completely different on the outside. We also use lots of shredded cardboard as internal packaging too. That means you can recycle the packaging a second time into your paper bin. How green is that?

Our blog here is full of information on everything Sebo, so feel free to poke about, use the search bar and you’ll find much reading about everything Sebo. If you want to shop online with us, the banner below takes you right there.
Buy Sebo Vacuum Spares & Bags in Devon

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