Buying a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner – What Brand to Choose?

By | September 30, 2018

Which brand of commercial vacuum cleaner to choose?

In a commercial environment (or indeed for that matter, any environment) you want the best you can have.

You haven’t got the time or the inclination to deal with mediocrity.

If you are going to eat baked beans, you’re probably going to choose Heinz.

If you’re going to have a smartphone, it’s more than likely going to be an iPhone.

If you want the ultimate capability in a four-wheel-drive car, you’ll probably buy a Range Rover.

You want the best watch in the world? It’ll likely be a Rolex.

You can see where I’m going here.

If you are looking for a commercial vacuum cleaner and you are a serious company, you are not even going to consider products made by say Hoover, Vax or even worse, an unknown manufacturer.

As with the points about Range Rovers, iPhones, Heinz beans and Rolex watches, if you want a commercial vacuum cleaner you have realistically only one choice: Sebo.

Sebo commercial vacuum Cleaner

Sebo are handmade in Germany. They are not mass produced on a Chinese production line.

The family that founded Sebo in 1978 is the same family that owns Sebo today.

Sebo are the Volvo, Rolex, Heinz or the iPhone of vacuum cleaners.

Fun fact:  Sebo are the largest commercial manufacturer of vacuum cleaners in the world, and you may possibly never have even heard of the brand.

Sebo vacuum cleaners can be found in schools, offices, hotels, cruise ships, clubs, casinos and virtually any other commercial or industrial application you care to mention.

There is one reason for this: Sebo vacuum cleaners work. There is no built-in obsolescence and they are designed to work for long time. And be repairable if they do eventually break.

The Sebo Commercial Range

The default Sebo commercial vacuum cleaner for most applications is the BS360 (formerly known as the BS36 and before that it was called the 360 Electronic).

Sebo BS360 commercial vacuum

You might call the BS360 the Big Daddy of the commercial vacuum range Sebo offer. We sell the BS360 >>here<<.

Also popular is the Evolution range.

Nursing home vacuum cleaner

The Evolution comes in two widths: 30 cm and 35 cm. Our model above is using an >>Evolution 350<< which is 35 cm wide and very much liked by nursing homes, care homes and medical establishments.

We also stock a lesser known range of Sebo commercial vacuum cleaners known as the XP range.

Sebo commercial vacuum cleaner

We stock the XP10 and the XP20, and you can read more about those in our article >>here<<.

Whatever your commercial vacuum cleaner application, you can be sure that Sebo have the correct vacuum for you.

Do you have very large floors? If you are responsible for the procurement of a vacuum cleaner for an establishment such as a nightclub, church, mosque, pub, casino or other area with very large floors, you want to take a look at the BS460 >>here<<.

In the hotel business? We have a more specific article just for you: >>How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner for Your Hotel<<

All commercial Sebo vacuum cleaners come with a 12 month return to base warranty. Thankfully, you are a statistically very unlikely to need to use that warranty. Any small problems that you may encounter can often be solved over the telephone.

The Sebo Shop at Manchester Vacs are approved Sebo dealers. All our machines are shipped from physical shop stock with DPD fully tracked for next working day delivery.

If you are seeking to procure a quantity of machines and require a proforma invoice for advance payment please contact us >>here<<.

Remember we don’t dropship or employ others to ship our products for us, all our Sebo vacuums come directly from our Stockport showroom. We also give you the opportunity to buy bags at good prices during your purchase.

The Sebo Shop – part of Manchester Vacs – are approved UK Sebo dealers and keep the full range of domestic and commercial Sebo vacuum cleaners in stock for next working day DPD delivery.