Can You Put Sebo Vacuum Bags in the Recycling Bin?

By | July 18, 2022

Sebo Vacuum Bags in the Recycling Bin, Yes or No?

“Can you put Sebo vacuum bags in the recycling bin?” or “Which wheelie bin do I put my Sebo bag in?” is a question we are asked quite often. As people become more and more environmentally conscious, they tend to think about their waste and put as much as possible in the recycling bins.

In short, if you use microfibre bags, no you can’t. They must go in the general waste bin. If you use paper bags, you can remove the plastic collar and put it in your plastics bin and the paper bag and contents can then go into the garden or food recycling bin.

About Sebo Microfibre Bags

Can You Put Sebo Vacuum Bags in the Recycling Bin?

Microfibre vacuum bags are designed to trap dust and allergens, making them ideal for people with asthma or allergies. Sebo makes different microfibre vacuum bags that are compatible with most different models of their vacuum cleaners. The bags are made from tightly woven microfibres that can trap even the smallest particles of dust. In addition, the bags are lined with electrostatic fleece, which helps to keep dust from escaping back into the air.

However, microfibre bags aren’t generally recyclable as they are a synthetic fibre made from a blend of polyester and polyamide. That’s why you cant put them in the recycling bin.

About Sebo Paper Bags

Can You Put Sebo Vacuum Bags in the Recycling Bin?

Paper bags used to be standard on all Sebos before they switched over to microfibre. Nowadays, they tend to only be supplied for the cleaning trade and for commercial models. The Sebo BS360 for example only has paper bags.

With a paper bag, you can tear off the top plastic collar (if it has one – not all do) and put that in with your plastics and bottles, and the paper bag full of the grot can go in the bin you use for gardening waste and food as its fully compostable.

About Sebo Automatic X Bags

If you have a Sebo Automatic X model, which is an X1, X1.1, X4, X4.1, X5, X7 or X8, you can buy either microfibre or paper.

Can You Put Sebo Vacuum Bags in the Recycling Bin?

This is because the Sebo commercial models XP10, XP20 and XP30 are based on the Automatic X and they take the same bags, but being commercial models, they come with paper bags.

If you have a Sebo Automatic X model and would prefer paper bags over microfibre, we sell them here: Genuine Sebo Paper Bags for the Automatic X

With microfibre bags, you get 8 in a box, with the paper you get 10 in a pack. They are about the same price, so with the paper, you’re essentially getting two free.

If you’re buying from us, we have a flat delivery charge on all orders between £0 and £120 value, so it makes more sense to buy a few packs at once along with any other tools or accessories you may need.

So in synopsis, if you want to be as green as you can, buy paper bags for your Automatic X. As long as you don’t mind the fiddly task of removing the collar at bin time. Be sure to do it outside too.

Which Is Better, Microfibre or Paper?

Perfomance-wise, the difference between them is negligible.

With microfibre bags, they allow the machine’s airflow to travel through them more easily, which in turn apparently makes for better performance. Microfibre bags also filter more efficiently.

However, paper vacuum bags have been around since Adam was a lad, and Sebo wouldn’t supply them for their commercial machines if they were no good.

If there is a performance difference, you might see it on a suction meter, but in day-to-day use, you’re not really going to notice a difference.

If you’re environmentally conscious, a negligible performance hit might be worthwhile for the ability to put the full bag in your recycling bin.

About Felix and Cylinder Model Bags

If you’re a Sebo Felix or cylinder model owner, Sebo doesn’t make paper bags for your models, so it’s just microfibre for you.

A Final Word

We sell all types of Sebo bags online. If you’re environmentally conscious, here’s another thing you’ll want to know about shopping with us: as well as dismantling hundreds of old Sebos a year allowing us to offer many recycled spare parts, we use lots of recycled packaging that we get from other local businesses. We don’t see the need to cut trees down to make new boxes while local shops are throwing boxes away. So don’t be surprised if your Sebo order comes in a box that says something completely different on the outside. We also use lots of shredded cardboard as internal packaging too. That means you can recycle the packaging a second time into your paper bin. How green is that?

Our blog here is full of information on everything Sebo, so feel free to poke about, use the search bar and you’ll find much reading about everything Sebo. If you want to shop online with us, the banner below takes you right there.
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