Can you still buy a new Sebo X4? Yes You Can!

By | August 24, 2020

Can you still buy a new Sebo X4? You can if you know where to look.

“Is the Sebo X4 1300w still available in the UK?” This is a question we are often asked. The official answer is no, not as an official UK model at least.

However, we have an option for you to get a ‘new’ Sebo X4. Read on…

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The Sebo X4 was discontinued in 2017 due to an EU diktat. You can find out all about that by watching this short piece that BBC Breakfast TV did in our shop on the subject below.

Despite the fact that the UK has now left the EU, that particular rule on vacuum cleaner wattage is still in force and it seems unlikely it will be rescinded.

The range of Sebo vacuum cleaners that replaced the X4 is the X7. They are a perfectly capable and very popular range of machines and we sell lots of them. We did a full article on the X7 range of machines which replaced the X4 and you can read that here: >>Which New Sebo Vacuum Models Have Replaced the Sebo X1, X1 .1 and the X4?<<

Most people are very happy with a new Sebo X7, and the >>Sebo X7 Pet<< is always our first recommendation as the best value for money if you want a new Sebo. The Sebo X7 has a five-year guarantee and is widely regarded as the best upright vacuum on the market today.

Yes, but can you still buy a Sebo X4?

If you believe that the EU should not be allowed to dictate the wattage of your vacuum cleaner, or you simply love your old 1100w or 1300w Sebo X4 so much that you cannot contemplate a different model, then we have some options for you.

Occasionally we have reconditioned Sebo X4s available, you can find those >>here<<.

Yes, but what if you want a brand-new Sebo X4?

We can help with that as well.

Whilst it is the case that you cannot buy an official Sebo X4 in the UK any more, it is possible to buy all the spare parts to build one.

Sebo spare parts

As one of the larger official Sebo dealers in the UK, we have access to every spare part that is available.

Several customers have asked us to source all the new spare parts necessary to build them a brand-new Sebo X4. Below is a speeded-up 30-second video of us doing just that (two points if you recognise the music).

As we have now made a few of these machines on a bespoke basis, we have now decided to offer these ‘new’ (remanufactured) Sebo X4s to our wider customer base.

Here is a ‘new’ Sebo X4 built from new spare parts.

New Sebo X4

As it’s not allowed to sell brand new 1100w or 1300w vacuum cleaners in the UK any more, we have to put in there several inconsequential used parts. This way the machine is not new per se rather it is remanufactured. These are items that don’t typically wear or fail, like internal rubber trims, screws, and minor plastic parts.

There are two printed circuit boards (PCBs) inside a Sebo X4 that in this application we fit good tested used ones, The reason for this is that they are very expensive to buy new (it would make the machine £150 more expensive to fit new ones). The PCBs fitted to Sebo X4s have always been extremely reliable and long-lasting. This also means the machine isn’t legally ‘new’ which means it is now legal to sell it.

So what we are offering is an ostensibly new, remanufactured Sebo X4 vacuum cleaner in navy blue with the yellow trim.

New Sebo X4

This was always the most popular colour combination that Sebo did and is regarded as somewhat of an iconic machine. Originally badged as the Automatic X4 Extra Eco and the Automatic X4 Excel Eco (when sold at John Lewis with silver trims instead of yellow).

As per original specification, our new X4 comes with three on-board tools: crevice tool, stair and upholstery tool and a dusting brush and clamp. It also comes with >>the extension hose<< to allow you to get up the stairs.

Assembled — as you have just seen in the video above — by hand here in our workshop in rainy Manchester using mostly official Sebo genuine brand new spare parts.

So to recap, our ‘new’ Sebo X4 vacuums have these new parts:

  • Base chassis unit and wheels
  • All external body panels
  • Motor
  • Brush roll
  • Power cord (the flex)
  • Removable wand handle
  • Belts
  • Tools
  • Hose (integral and extension)
  • Filters

Basically, anything you can see from the outside and any component that does any work will be brand new.

There is one improvement we have made: Sebo X series vacuums come with a 10m standard grade power cord (flex, lead, cable, wire – whatever you call it). We fit our own brand upgraded heavier duty 11.2m flex on these machines. It looks outwardly identical to the original except it’s longer, harder wearing and yes, it still has the cool little cable tidy clip on there.

New official model Sebo vacuums come with a five-year guarantee. As a remanufactured unit at this price point, these machines come with a two-year >>return to base guarantee<<. And that guarantee is direct with us and NOT with Sebo UK.

Just to reiterate and clarify, although we are Sebo dealers, this particular machine is NOT an official Sebo UK model.

So in answer to the original question: Can you still buy a new Sebo X4? Yes, you can get one in 1-2 working days from our site here: >>New Sebo Automatic X4 Vacuum Cleaner<<


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