Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner for Your Nursing Home, Retirement Home or Care Home.

By | June 19, 2018

Choosing a vacuum cleaner for your nursing home, retirement home or care home.

Whether you call them convalescent homes, old folks homes, retirement homes, care homes or nursing homes, if you are in charge of procurement of vacuum cleaners for a care home of some description, this is the article you want to read.

It is pretty much a given most care homes use Sebo vacuum cleaners. Sebo are the largest commercial vacuum manufacturer in the world and tend to be the default choice for not only care homes and retirement homes but other facilities such as hospitals (much of the NHS actually), dentists, nurseries and office blocks. Even Buckingham Palace, much of the Civil Service and our security services use Sebo vacuum cleaners.

Sebo does several ranges of commercial vacuum cleaners from the very large BS range to the more nimble Dart (Felix-derived) range. If you need a cordless upright, read >this article<.

However, the machine we are going to talk about today is the Evolution series (sometimes just called the “Evo” and blue in colour when rebadged for companies such as Ensign, Jeyes and Diversey).

The Sebo Evolution range comes in three variants. The numbers after the name depict the width of the head. So there is a 300, a  350 and 450. That being 300mm (30cm), 350mm (35cm) and 450mm (45cm).

In layman’s terms, the 300 is the width of a standard domestic vacuum cleaner and the 450 is a super-wide version for very very big floors. In actual fact, those that need a very, very wide vacuum cleaner tend to go for the BS460.

The best seller in the Sebo Evolution range we find is the Evolution 350.

Nursing home vacuum cleaner

The Sebo Evolution 350 is a little bit wider than a standard domestic machine but not quite as wide as a more cumbersome Evolution 450 or a BS460.

One of the advantages people tell us they enjoy about the Sebo Evolution vacuums is that unlike their slightly heavier BS cousins, they are slightly lighter to use for staff. As many care homes and nursing homes use female staff, they very much appreciate a slightly lighter vacuum than a very heavy commercial version.

Retirement home vacuum cleaner

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the Evolution range. In our photographs here we are using the most popular Sebo Evolution 350. As you can see it’s slightly wider than a standard vacuum to cover more floor space faster, but not too wide that it is an inconvenience.

Care home vacuum cleaner

It is easily reclined using the orange pedal and tool storage is located on the back of the unit.

Nursing home vacuum cleaner

The white square on top of the head shows you where to remove the brushroll for easy cleaning and there is also a manual height adjuster on the side.

Retirement home vacuum cleaner

The eagle-eyed among you will have also noticed the orange plug. This is to allow a cable change without a costly strip down and downtime. It simply plugs in like a kettle leads and cables are readily available.

The power button is seen here in orange; conveniently located on the side and able to be activated with your foot.

Elderley home vacuum cleaner

The cable is bright orange which not only keeps your health and safety people happy, but it also dissuades people from tripping over it when it is trailing across the floor.

A removable wand and hose allows access to tight areas, high up cobwebs with a deft flick of the wrist. Extra long hoses are available as an extra if you need to reach up a staircase while leaving the machine on the ground. These are very versatile machines designed with the commercial user in mind.

The evolution series use the same bags as the old BS36 and modern BS360 ranges of Sebo. We sell both genuine and aftermarket bags, and bags can be very inexpensive when bought in a large quantity – especially at the same time as you buy a new vacuum cleaner.

Nursing home best vacuum

As you will know if you have used the Sebo vacuums before, you are not changing the bags frequently.

The debris tends to pack down in the Sebo bag and become like a solid brick so that the debris is compressed and your bag changes are infrequent.

Best nursing home vacuum

The Sebo Shop keeps the Evolution 300 and the 350 as standard stock items. We ship from shop stock; we do not dropship from elsewhere. We are approved Sebo dealers and have physical stock of our machines for store collection or next day delivery. Our standard DPD delivery is not only FREE but next working day.

You can buy a Sebo Evolution 300 from us >>here<<

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With all our vacuums you get the opportunity to take advantage of a deal price for bags as you are checking out. VAT is included in the price you pay – it is not added on as a sneaky extra at checkout. Next working day DPD delivery is also included in the price you see – it is not added on as a sneaky extra at checkout. Isn’t that refreshing? We think so.

If you have any questions about Sebo vacuum cleaners before you buy you are most welcome to >>contact us<<.