What is the Difference Between the Sebo X7 Vacuum Colour Versions?

By | September 23, 2018

What is the difference between the different colours of Sebo X7 models of vacuum cleaner?

You will find four colours of Automatic Sebo X7 vacuum cleaner if you research online.

You’ll find red, white, navy blue and black (and some dark grey commercial variants). This article will tell you the difference between all the models so you are buying a new Sebo X7 vacuum cleaner with your eyes open.

Ostensibly, they are all similar machines but there are differences between them.

The Red Sebo X7

91503GB Red Sebo X7

The red models are supplied only to dealers in the Euronics chain of stores and are a base specification with no extra tools or hoses whatsoever. These are made to meet a minimum price point to capture the online click. Look on Google shopping and find the “cheapest Sebo X7” and this basic hotel spec red model is what you’ll find.

Euronics sellers are often not approved Sebo dealers (Euronics is a Dutch bulk buying trade group of otherwise unaffiliated shops with a >>variable reputation<<). That isn’t to suggest that all Euronics dealers are not reputable; many are. Caveat Emptor.

You’ll probably pay again and buy the extra hoses and tools later when you realise red Euronics machines don’t come with any extra tools or hoses.

Any Other Lesser Versions to Avoid?

Avoid dark grey and black “Onyx”, “Anthracite”, “Graphite” or “Charcoal” non-Boost X7 machines (that people confuse with black Pet models with the Boost button) similarly – unless you know what you are buying. They are base models in disguise made and some are commercial market machines with no extras at all and a limited one year warranty. These are typically sold by commercial floor care companies online.

Cheaper commercial Sebo machines have a one year “return to base” warranty (not a direct to Sebo five year warranty) so need to come from a reputable source so you know that the warranty will be honoured. That is unlikely with random online resellers who are not approved Sebo dealers.

Beware de-specced and discontinued models made for the commercial hotel market or discount chains such as Euronics, Currys or online sources masquerading as machines that have all the extra bits and a five year guarantee. Many are nothing of the sort.

Some machines available on platforms such as Amazon or eBay are grey imports from Germany or repackaged returns that have no UK guarantee at all, not to mention a continental two pin plug sometimes.

If you want a Sebo vacuum cleaner with the full five year warranty, best to buy one from an approved UK Sebo dealer and be sure to buy a proper UK retail market model.

Which Sebo X7 Vacuums Are the Official UK Independent Retail Market Models?

Most independent retailers in the UK will have a choice of three models that cover all the bases: the base X7 in white, the X7 Extra in navy blue and the X7 Pet in gloss black.

This Is the Sebo Automatic X7 ePower in White.

Sebo X7 ePower white

The Sebo X7 ePower in white is the entry-level model. It comes with the famous Sebo self-levelling technology, the wand and short hose that are integral, and two on-board tools being the upholstery (stair) tool and crevice tool.

This Is the Sebo Automatic X7 Extra ePower in Navy Blue.

Sebo X7 Extra blue

The Sebo X7 Extra ePower in navy blue comes as the white machine, but with an addition of a 2.8 meter (or 9 foot two in old money) extra hose to allow you to reach up the stairs or into the car, etc. It also comes with the extra triangle dusting brush tool and storage clamp making a total of three on board tools.

This Is the Sebo Automatic X7 Pet ePower in Black.

Sebo Automatic X7 Pet Black

The Sebo X7 Pet version in gloss black is the top of the range.

It is supplied as the navy blue X7 Extra above with the extra hose and dusting brush tool, and it also comes with a very effective vacuum driven turbo brush for stairs and upholstery.

The black X7 Pet models also have an LED headlight which illuminates on the front of the machine when it is in use. It also has a charcoal filter which removes not only particles but also smell from the air expelled by the machine. This reduces pet and other smells considerably making the expelled air odour-free.

The most popular feature with Sebo Pet X7 is the Boost button. The Boost button – when pressed – enables the head of the machine to gently sink into the pile of the carpet in order that the brush roll agitates the carpet more aggressively than it otherwise would do. This is especially effective on pet hair. This feature only comes on the range-topping black Pet X7 Sebo models.

What If I Don’t like the Colour?

There is nothing to stop you mixing and matching different accessories with a machine that is more to your liking of colour.

For example you can take a base model white machine if you happen to want a white Sebo vacuum cleaner. To this you would add >>this extension hose<<, >>this brush clamp<< and >>this brush tool<< to take it to the same specification as the X7 Extra. Or indeed, the John Lewis X7 Excel.

The only elements that you are unable to upgrade a white or a blue machine to is you are unable to add the headlight; at least without the cooperation of your friendly Sebo dealer. And you are unable to add or retrospectively add a Boost button (found on the top of the range Pet black Sebo X7) to a navy blue or white machine. So if you want a Boost button or indeed a headlight, the Pet model is your only choice.

If you are planning to buy white model X7, it does not come with the dusting brush, it only comes with two on-board tools: upholstery and crevice. We would recommend adding a dusting brush if you are buying a white machine and to do this you would add >>this clamp<< so it mounts on the aluminium handle, and to it you would either add >>this standard dusting brush<< or >>this larger dusting brush<< which many people find particularly effective.

Similarly, if you are buying any of the Sebo uprights that come with a standard dusting brush it may behoove you to also avail yourself of >>the large dusting brush<< at the same time, so you have all the bases covered. Remember also, when shopping with us we give you the opportunity to purchase bags at the same time at a discounted price the more you buy.

2019 Update: Since this article was written Sebo have released four pastel coloured versions of the X7 that we have an article on here: The Sebo X7 Pastel Range of Vacuum Cleaners.

So the full X7 model range (including store Special editions) is this:

  • X7 White ePower
  • X7 Red ePower
  • X7 Onyx ePower
  • X7 Pro ePower
  • X7 Pet ePower
  • X7 Extra ePower
  • X7 Excel ePower
  • X7 Boost ePower
  • X8 WideTrack ePower
  • X7 Pastel Mint ePower
  • X7 Pastel Blue ePower
  • X7 Pastel Pink ePower
  • X7 Pastel Twist ePower

If you have more questions about the suitability of a particular Sebo model to your application you are free to make an account on our vacuum discussion forms >>here<< and create a new topic in the Sebo discussion room where our helpful members will assist you with your choice.

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