What Is the Difference Between the Sebo BS360 and the BS36?

By | October 4, 2018

What is the difference between the new Sebo BS360 and its predecessors the BS36 and BS36 Comfort?

Difference Between Sebo BS36 and BS360

The all new Sebo BS360 commercial vacuum cleaner was launched in late 2017.

Sebo BS36 and BS360

However, the old and new models are ostensibly very similar and usability and performance remains much the same. Let’s take a closer look.

Question: Why has Sebo’s iconic top-selling commercial vacuum cleaner been updated?

Answer: In common with many other aspects of life, some new rules were forced upon us by the European Union. You can find more details about that change in regulations from the news items the BBC did in our shop >>here<<.

The BS360 maintains similar looks and dimensions as its predecessors.

Sebo BS360

The Sebo BS36 and the BS360 both take the same bags, so you can use your old stocks of bags with the new model.

Sebo BS36 and BS360 vacuum bags

The internal filter remains the same too.

Sebo BS36 and BS360 filters

You can see here with the new BS360 on the left, there is a slight difference in the design of the release pedal making it less inclined to break if abused by your staff (perish the thought).

Sebo BS36 and BS360 differences

The warning lights on the base of the machine remain the same as its immediate predecessor the BS36 Comfort, as does the bag full light on the top of the bag body.

Sebo BS36 and BS360 specifications

The exhaust filter has been updated.

Sebo BS36 and BS360 vacuum differences

Above you can see the exhaust filter and its cover removed, and it is a paper pleated HEPA type filter which is designed to make the air exhausted from the machine cleaner than the air that went into the machine.

In terms of motor power the BS360 remains a twin motor machine. The 2017 EU regulations required the main motor to be reduced in wattage very slightly, but efficiency and performance has been maintained by small redesigns and other internal tweaks to the engineering.

Sebo BS360 commercial vacuum

The Sebo BS360 remains an extremely robust machine and a worthy replacement for the well-known BS36 and BS36 Comfort models that preceded it.

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