Diversey Taski Ensign Sensor, Stealth 1, 2, SM1 and SM2 Vacuums, Bags and Spares

By | July 11, 2022

All About Diversey Taski Ensign Stealth, Sensor and SM Vacuums

If you’re a business user in a large organisation that sources your vacuums from large supply companies, you may be thinking of buying (or already have) one of these Stealth, Sensor or SM variants of vacuum cleaners. We’ll show you where to buy them for much less money, along with where to buy bags and spare parts.

They are variously badged as any combination of Diversey, Taski or Ensign, and the models include the following:

  • Taski Ensign Sensor 310
  • Taski Ensign Sensor 370
  • Diversey Ensign SM1
  • Diversey Ensign SM2
  • Ensign Sensor 300
  • Ensign Stealth 1
  • Ensign Stealth 2

You can see below, that these are all in the same family.

Here’s an Ensign Sensor 300.

Ensign Sensor 300

Here’s the slightly wider Diversey Ensign SM2.

Diversey Ensign SM2

The machines above are pre-2017 machines. The models had to be tweaked when the EU forced the 900w vacuum ban on the UK. Here’s a video the BBC did in our shop on the subject.

After that, the design had to change a little.

Here’s a Taski Ensign Sensor 310.

Ensign Sensor 310

Here’s its slightly wider brother the Taski Ensign Sensor 370.

Taski Ensign Sensor 370

Let’s discuss the heritage of the machines themselves. In the UK you buy these machines badged as Diversey, Taski or Ensign models. They sell two basic designs, a 30-31cm wide one (300, Sensor 310, SM1, Stealth 1) and a slightly wider 36-37cm one (SM2, Stealth 2, Sensor 370).

They are not made by Diversey, Taski or Ensign though, they are actually made by Stein & Co in Germany. The same company that makes Sebo vacuum cleaners. So what we have here is simple badge engineering.

Badge engineering is the practice of using the same engineering design to produce different models of something under another brand name. Badge engineering is often used by car manufacturers to produce variants of a car for different markets. In most cases, badge engineering is simply a matter of changing badges and other external features. Badge engineering allows manufacturers to produce multiple models from a single design, saving time and money in the process.

This is how a Vauxhall car in the UK is an Opel in Germany. Vauxhall may make a few adjustments here and there, but the overall design, for the most part, is identical. If you’re old enough, think of a Morris Oxford and an Austin Cambridge. Same car. It happens with vacuum cleaners too.

So here’s the thing. A Diversey Taski Ensign Stealth, SM or Sensor is fundamentally the same vacuum as the Sebo XP. The Sebo models are light grey and self-level whereas the Diversey Ensign variants are dark grey and usually have a manual height adjustment.

But here’s the thing: the Sebo variants are usually much cheaper than the Diversey, Taski or Ensign range. Sometimes by hundreds of pounds!

The colours of the trims differ slightly, and the odd part is from another Sebo model (they raided the parts bins a bit for the Diversey range). Other than that, they’re identical. Same bags, motors, same hoses, same power cord, same almost everything!

Sebo XP10

On the left above is a Sebo XP10, and on the right is an older (now discontinued) Sebo X1. You can buy a Sebo XP10 from us much cheaper than the Ensign Sensor 310 here: Buy a Sebo XP10

The wider one is the Sebo XP20.

Sebo XP20

We sell those here much cheaper than the Ensign Sensor 370: Buy a Sebo XP20

Something Sebo does that Diversey Ensign doesn’t is a wider one still. The XP30.

We sell those here: Buy a Sebo XP30

Where to Buy Diversey Taski Ensign Stealth, Sensor and SM Vacuum Bags

The bags are the same across the Diversey Stealth, Sensor and SM models as they are for Sebo Automatic X and XP machines.

We sell paper ones >>here<< 

We sell microfibre ones >>here<<

We sell aftermarket microfibre ones >>here<<

Where to Buy Diversey Taski Ensign Stealth, Sensor and SM Vacuum Spares

The consumable spare parts you’ll most likely buy are replacement power cords.

Where to Buy Diversey Taski Ensign Stealth, Sensor and SM Vacuum Spares

And perhaps the integral hose.

Where to Buy Diversey Taski Ensign Stealth, Sensor and SM Vacuum Spares

As mentioned earlier, the Ensign SM, Sensor and Stealth models share these parts with the Sebo X and XP machines.

For all other spare parts you can look here: Diversey Taski Ensign Stealth, SM and Sensor Spare Parts

We also sell a huge range of extra hoses and tools which are suitable for your Ensign hoover.

Why We Are Much Cheaper

You’ll have seen by now we are much cheaper than whoever you are using now for Diversey Ensign vacuums and spares. And here’s why:

We don’t operate using purchase orders, invoicing later, terms, etc. There is no need to open any kind of account, so we don’t need trade references or anything similar. We don’t offer any credit or pay later options whatsoever. Nor do we accept cheques as a form of payment. What we do accept is:

  • Cash
  • Credit/debit card payments in person
  • Credit/debit card payments online
  • Bank transfer in advance for larger orders

You’ll find our prices extremely competitive, and here’s why: you would normally buy online from us and pay when you order or pay on collection. There are no accounts to open, no 30 or 60 days credit or invoicing later. You pay for it, we send it, job done. Or you call and collect it and pay for it then.

All transactions with businesses are on B2B terms, this means no change of mind returns.  That’s why you pay more on Amazon or from the large cleaning supply companies than you will with us. That’s how we keep the price down.

If you’re buying for a larger company or other organisation that usually gets invoiced later for this type of equipment, speak to your accounts people. They’ll usually find a way to pay online when they’re saving money. We supply many large PLCs, local authorities, ITV, and some branches of the NHS and government, and they all find a way to pay when or before they order. Our Sebos sit in companies such as Guinness, Toyota and even the British Security Services. If their accounts department found a way to pay online, so can yours.

If you need several machines at once or have an otherwise decent size order, we can send you a proforma, you’ll pay to the bank in advance and we ship when you’ve paid. Email us >>here<< if you need that. But that isn’t something we want to do for a few packets of bags or small orders as it’s too labour intensive for the modest profit there is on small orders.

Further reading: Our main website homepage is >here<. Our repair information page is >here< and our location and opening times are >here<.


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