Do Sebo Vacuum Cleaners Ever Go on Sale?

By | August 4, 2022

Do Sebo Vacuum Cleaners Ever Go on Sale?

So you’re looking for a sale price on Sebo vacuums? For the vast majority of Sebo models, you are going to be out of luck.

Do Sebo Vacuum Cleaners Ever Go on Sale?

First, we should look at why stores and online retailers have sales in the first place.

The answer is actually quite simple: to sell more merchandise. Sales are a way for stores to move old inventory and make room for new products. They also help to attract new customers, who may not have shopped at the store before.

Sales can also be used to promote specific items or brands, and they often coincide with holidays or other special occasions. Whatever the reason, sales are a staple of the retail world, and they show no signs of disappearing anytime soon.

However, much of that doesn’t apply to Sebo retailers, and here are some reasons why:

  • A Sebo retailer doesn’t have ‘old inventory’ as the model range is changed very seldom
  • People don’t buy a Sebo on price like they might toilet rolls or bolognese sauce. There are no close competitors to Sebo.
  • Lower prices don’t really attract more customers, as people who buy a Sebo have already decided to buy one.
  • Buying a Sebo is not an impulse purchase for most. People have usually owned one before or researched the brand in advance.
  • Margins on Sebo vacuums and appliances generally are not large, so there’s no space to offer any significant discounts.

Let’s delve into this a little more.

There are a few reasons why some stores, us included, never have sales. One reason is that the store may sell niche items that are not discounted at any time. It’s not like you are going to buy half a dozen Sebos if they were a bit cheaper. One will last you twenty years anyway.

Another reason is that the store may already have low prices, so there is no need for a sale. We fall into this category. We sell for the price we need to in order to make the margin we need. We buy in bulk direct from Sebo so our prices are always keen. We are already cheaper than Amazon and cheaper than John Lewis, so why do we need to be cheaper still?

The Sebo Shop

Brands sometimes want to create an aura of exclusivity around their products by never discounting them. Sebo, as a market leader in the top-end vacuum niche, doesn’t actually need to discount them. The demand for Sebo vacuums is pretty steady. As it might be for Bang and Olufsen audio products or Mitsubishi air conditioning units. If you want one, you want one. Knocking twenty quid off won’t influence your buying decision very much.

As the largest Sebo dealer in the North, we don’t need to offer discounts because we’re already offering the best possible value.

When products are high quality and backed by strong reputations, as with Sebo, customers are more interested in service and that we use a proper delivery company than hunting down a 10% voucher that doesn’t exist.

In fact, we think discounts can actually damage a top brand’s image by making it appear that the company is desperate for sales. Customers might also start to view the brand as being low-quality if it’s always on sale. As a result, many top brands avoid discounts in order to maintain their high standards and preserve their image.

Where to Get a Sebo at the Best Price

Getting an item at the best price is not quite the same as a discount, although it still means you are paying less. We have a very informative article on this here: Where to get a Sebo at the best price

Here’s another reason you’ll seldom find Sebo vacuum cleaners on sale: the demographic of the typical Sebo customer.

Sebo vacuums on sale

In general terms, commercial Sebo vacuums are bought by the likes of cleaning companies, big PLCs, schools, colleges, hospitals, universities and nursing homes. Domestic Sebo vacuums are bought mostly by middle-class people. You’ll find them in Buckingham Palace, stately homes and castles too. You won’t find too many on council estates, they buy Henry, Shark and Vax.

These customers all have something in common: they are all looking for a quality product, good pre-sale information, service, efficient delivery and a good guarantee. They are also looking for good value. But they know quality has a price, so they will shop around for good value but won’t go looking for sales or discounts per se. It doesn’t take much surfing to learn that you are not really going to find Sebo vacuums on sale.

We say Sebo is among vacuum cleaners like Heinz is among beans, Rolex among watches, Range Rovers among 4x4s (although Range Rovers break down and Sebos don’t), and Waitrose among supermarkets.

Think of it like this: do Heinz beans go on sale? Do Rolexes? Do Range Rovers? Does Waitrose have a Black Friday sale? You’re unlikely to find Sebo vacuum cleaners on sale for similar reasons.

Are Sebo Vacuums Worth the Money?

We’d say absolutely, yes. And we have a whole article explaining why here: Are Sebo vacuums worth the money?

Sebo Vacuums on Sale: The Illusion of a Sale

The illusion of a sale is something you will sometimes see. Some of the big box stores will tempt you with a “sale price”. During checkout, you’ll find that delivery is “expected” in two weeks. That means they have no stock. Prior to delivery, they will send you an email and say that “due to circumstances beyond our control, blah blah, £30 more, please”. 

Another gag is to show a cheap price online (although at the time of writing, we are £5 cheaper anyway) but admit to having no stock. Here’s AO doing just that.

Sebo vacuum AO

When they come back in, they’ll probably go up.

As we sometimes say, our Sebos would be much cheaper if we didn’t have any.

Another ruse is to put the price up for a few weeks, then put it on “sale”, because it cost more last week didn’t it? There are laws that are supposed to prevent that sort of thing, but they’re not enforced.

The black Sebo X7 Pet is our top seller. But Euronics also sell a Sebo that looks black and is a similar price. The thing is, the X7 Pro is not the same machine. It’s dark grey and not black and it is a lesser spec than the X7 Pet, so the X7 Pet from us is actually much better value.

John Lewis also does the X7 Graphite, which too looks black and isn’t, and it looks pretty cheap. It looks cheap because it is a lesser specification than our black X7 Pet. We sell the same spec machine in white for £40 less.

We have a case study in >this article< that explains why Amazon isn’t as cheap as you might imagine it is.

And so it goes on.

All that smoke and mirrors, who has time for all that?

We have a far simpler business model: no “special editions”, no Sebo vacuum cleaners on sale, no pretend discounts, no de-specced machines to meet a price point, just keen prices and good value all year round. How refreshing is that? Look at our reviews, they speak for themselves.

And there you have it. You now know everything there is to know about Sebo vacuums on sale, or rather, why they don’t go on sale.

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