Dyson to Sebo Tool Adaptors: Using Dyson Tools on Your Sebo Vacuum.

By | March 12, 2020

Over much of the last 25 years Dyson have dominated the UK vacuum cleaner market.

In the past few years that dominance has began to fade away.

Partly as a result of products that many people see as overpriced and having built in obsolescence, and partly as a result of their announcement that they have stopped developing corded mains powered vacuum cleaners.

Dyson tio Sebo vacuum

Buyers became wise to unsubstantiated marketing claims along the lines of ‘bagless is better’ because any Sebo owner or asthma or allergy sufferer knows that is not the case.

At the better end of the vacuum cleaner market, bags never went away.

Dyson’s marketing suggests that battery-powered, handheld, cordless vacuum cleaners are the way forward. They may be very convenient in tiny, high rise, sterile Asian flats with hard flooring, which is the market Dyson seem to be focusing on now.

Dyson to Sebo tool converter

They are less suitable as an all-round everyday machine in real world British houses that involve children, dogs and more muddy feet, Cheerios and general debris than a battery-powered cleaner and a circa seven minute runtime can handle.

A culmination of these factors explains why Dyson is fading in popularity and Sebo has become one of the UK market leaders for top quality vacuum cleaners.

Recommended by most major carpet manufacturers and even Which? magazine, German-made Sebo vacuums are arguably the best vacuum cleaners in the world.

The Sebo Shop

More and more people are making the transition from Dyson to Sebo.

In our shop we sell both Dyson and Sebo products and we also repair Dyson and Sebo (we repair more of the former than the latter it must be said). We see the growing trend of this transition firsthand.

Moving from Dyson to Sebo

The customer that makes the transition from Dyson to Sebo generally has two concerns:

The first being that Sebo’s range of tools and accessories, while perfectly adequate and functional, they are somewhat basic and the range is quite minimal.

The second being that they have a cupboard full of very expensive Dyson tools, accessories and extension hoses that they have invested in over the years. Although their Dyson machine has died (or as is quite often the case, is completely unsuitable for deep pile carpet), they very much enjoyed using those tools.

Many people have a Sebo as their ‘proper’ vacuum cleaner, and a Dyson cordless as a quick ‘whizz around’ machine on the hard floors (what we have at home).

It’d be nice to have cross compatibility with the Dyson tools if you own a Dyson and a Sebo though, yes?

It must be said, Dyson do make some pretty great tools and innovative accessories. But they are not cheap and it would be nice to use them with your new Sebo vacuum, right?

Dyson have had a propensity to change the tool fittings on their machines over the years, so four main socket types exist. And none of them will fit your Sebo.

As the largest independent vacuum shop in the north of England, online and bricks and mortar retailer, component designer and manufacturer, not to mention one of the larger approved independent Sebo agents, we decided to see if we could do something about that problem.

And here is our solution:

Dyson to Sebo tool adaptors: using Dyson tools on your Sebo vacuum

Dyson to Sebo adaptor set

Designed by us, this is a four piece adaptor set that allows you to use pretty much any Dyson tool with any Sebo vacuum cleaner. Simple as that.

Use Dyson tools on Sebo vacuum

Now you can use your Dyson groom tool, tangle free turbine tool, soft dusting brush, flexible crevice tool and any other Dyson tool that you care to mention with your shiny new Sebo vacuum cleaner.

Use Dyson tools on Sebo vacuum

Here is a video we did explaining it better:

Sebo themselves do not sell this adaptor set, you can only buy them from us. And you can do so in several ways.

Where to buy?

If you are in the UK, you can buy them cheapest right here on our Sebo Shop website, the direct link is >>here<<.

We charge £6.99 DPD for next working day delivery. However, that charge does not increase if you order more items, so you can add packets of bags, service boxes and other parts and accessories to your order and pay the same flat delivery fee (it becomes free over £120). Buy a couple of items and that is the best value option.

If you are an Amazon buyer you can find them >>here<< on Amazon.

If you prefer to use eBay (or you are not in the UK) you can buy them >>here<<.

eBay is probably the cheaper option for US, Canadian and Australian buyers. There are also multibuy discounts there. And that comes with tracked international delivery through eBay Global Fulfillment.