Extra Tools for Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

By | May 19, 2022

If you’re looking for extra tools for Sebo vacuum cleaners, you’re in the right place. As the North’s largest Sebo parts specialist, we have a greater range of tools and accessories for your Sebo vacuum cleaner than anyone else. So we’re going to show you some. Some are genuine Sebo parts, some are our own exclusive lines.

All the tools below will fit all Sebo vacuum cleaners. All links open in a new tab so you can check the tools out without losing this page.

When you buy a Sebo, you tend to get two or three onboard tools and that’s it.

Sebo tool set

Base models will just get the stair and crevice tools above. If you’re missing the triangle brush tool, you can find it here: Sebo dusting brush tool (and the clamp to hold it on the handle of an Automatic X is >here< and the one for a BS is >here<).

If you bought a top Pet Boost model, you will have got this small vacuum-driven turbo brush tool with it. Few other models are supplied with it so you may not know it exists.

Extra Sebo tools

They’re a very popular tool that people often buy later. Great for stairs and upholstery. You can find these here: Sebo upholstery turbo brush tool

Now, remember the triangle dusting brush above that comes as part of the set of three? They do a slightly larger version of that.

Remove term: Extra Tools for Sebo Vacuum Cleaners Extra Tools for Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

Remove term: Extra Tools for Sebo Vacuum Cleaners Extra Tools for Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

They’re also really popular and you can find them here: Sebo large dusting brush

There’s a wider brush called the wall and ceiling brush.

Extra Sebo tools big brush

Those are great for cobwebs high up. They’re especially good on textured surfaces such as Artex. You can find those here: Sebo large wall and ceiling brush

But what use is a ceiling brush if you cant reach the ceilings? Some houses have very high ceilings and even regular houses often have an area above the stairs that is very high that you struggle to reach. For this problem, you can buy an extension tube that fits onto your wand like this. You can even join more than one together to get really high up.

Sebo vacuum long extension tube

You can find that here: Sebo extension tube

Now you may find that your short onboard hose isn’t long enough to get where you need to get. For this reason, you can buy an extension hose (some models come with it, some don’t).

Sebo extension hose

That’s a bit longer, isn’t it? You can also join more than one together if you need to get really far away. There’s an explanatory video on our page for this hose you can find here: Sebo long extension hose

Getting behind radiators can be a bit problematic, and for this reason, there is a radiator brush.

Sebo radiator brush

You pop that on the end of your crevice tool to help dislodge dust in tight places. Not only behind radiators, but we also find these handy for the tangle of wires under the TV stand too. Find them here: Sebo radiator brush

If you have a dog, you might have previously encountered a Dyson tool called a grooming tool.

Sebo dog grooming tool

They’re a superb tool, and Sebo doesn’t make anything similar. We have our exclusive adaptor that we supply with this that allows you to use it with your Sebo. There’s also an explanatory video on the page where you can find this tool: Sebo dog grooming tool

Another tool we exclusively sell that is very similar to something Dyson have is this long soft dusting brush.

Sebo soft blind tool

These are superb for TV screens, blinds, car dashboards and the flat surfaces of furniture. Vacuum-assisted dusting is what this gives you. We use this at home all the time. They’re a super thing and not expensive. You can find this here: Sebo long soft dusting brush

On the subject of repurposed Dyson tools, we also have this.

Extra Tools for Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

Extra Tools for Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

That’s a wide upholstery tool that is wider than the onboard one on your Sebo. It’s a Dyson-compatible tool that comes with our own adaptor so you can use it on your Sebo. If you also have a Dyson V7, V8, V10, V11 or V15, the adaptor allows you to use those tools on your Sebo too.  Great for curtains, mattresses and similar. You can find that here: Sebo wide upholstery tool

To expand on that theme, the tool above also comes as part of this set we sell.

Sebo extra tool set

That set comprises the upholstery tool above along with a stiff stubborn dirt brush and a small dusting tool. As extra tools for Sebo vacuum cleaners go, this is a rather versatile little set. And again, if you also have a Dyson V7, V8, V10, V11 or V15, the adaptor supplied allows you to use those tools on your Sebo too. Find that set here: Sebo compatible four-piece tool set

The Dust Daddy is something you may have seen before.

Sebo Dust Daddy tool

With many tiny suction tubes, like flexible straws, it attaches to your Sebo vacuum hose and enables you to pick up dust and dirt from the tiniest spaces. Now dust and crumbs that have settled in those little crevices, nooks and crannies like between keys on a computer keyboard, at the bottom of a makeup bag, down inside an air vent in your home or car, can be vacuumed with ease. There’s an explanatory video on the product page here: Sebo compatible Dust Daddy tool

If you like DIY, you’ll like this.

Sebo drill dust catcher tool

This is a tool that catches the dust as you drill the wall and is suitable for Sebo vacuum cleaners. It sticks itself to the wall with suction power from your Sebo, and all the dust goes into the vacuum instead of all over the floor. There’s a short video on the product page to show you exactly how it works. Find it here: Sebo compatible drill dust catcher tool

Adaptors are something we’ve mentioned above a few times. Dyson, despite the built-in obsolescence that one tends to find with their vacuum cleaners, does make some superb tools. If you had a Dyson previously, you may still have a drawer full of them.

For this reason, to expand the usability of your Sebo, another exclusive line of ours is an adaptor set that allows you to use any non-electrical Dyson tool on your Sebo.

Sebo to Dyson tool adaptor set

With this set, all Dyson tools can become extra tools for Sebo vacuum cleaners. This video will explain it better.

You can find the adaptor set here: Adaptor set to use Dyson tools on a Sebo

That adaptor set is very popular in the US, Canada and the EU too, so if you’re not in the UK, you can buy it on eBay with international shipping >here<.

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