What Is the Height, Width and Depth of a Sebo X7?

By | July 29, 2022

People occasionally contact us to ask for the dimensions or measurements of a Sebo X7. Or more specifically, what is the height, width and depth of a Sebo X7?

If you’re looking for the measurements or size of the Sebo X7, you’re in the right place.

All Sebo X7 vacuums are the same size, it doesn’t matter what colour it is or if it’s an Excel, Pro, Pastel, Eco, Extra, Pet, etc.

A Sebo X7 is just under 119cm tall. That’s just under 47 inches.

What Is the Height, Width and Depth of a Sebo X7?

A Sebo X7 is 31cm wide. That’s about 12 and a quarter inches.

What Is the Height, Width and Depth of a Sebo X7?

A Sebo X7 is 32cm deep. That’s just over 12 and a half inches.

Sebo X7 measurements

A Sebo X7 when reclined flat is 16cm high. That’s about 6 and a quarter inches.

Sebo height measurement when reclined

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Why do people want to know the height, width, or depth of a Sebo X7 vacuum cleaner?

Some people like to store their vacuum under the stairs, in a tall kitchen or utility room cupboard or in another place in the home where space is limited. For those reasons, it’s often necessary to know the height, width or depth of a vacuum before you buy.

People want measurements of a Sebo vacuum cleaner for other reasons too. Maybe they need a specific width to get in between two pieces of furniture.

People who have caravans or mobile homes sometimes take the vacuum from home or buy one to keep there. Due to the compact nature of the design of caravans, statics and mobile homes, sometimes an inch or two makes a difference and influences the product you buy.

Whatever the reason you want to know the size of a Sebo X7, you’ve found it.

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