How To Fit a Replacement Sebo Vacuum Flex & Where To Buy

By | February 1, 2022

So you want to know how to fit a replacement Sebo vacuum flex?

You might call it a power cord, wire, cable or lead. Whatever you call it, if you have a Sebo X1, X1.1, X4, X5, X7, X8 or commercial XP vacuum, sooner or later you are going to have to fit a new flex.

It may be that you damaged it accidentally by running the vacuum over it.

More likely your Sebo is cutting out. You may think it’s the switch (it almost never is). It’s usually the flex where it enters the machine handle. Eventually, due to wear and tear, they break internally and the machine either loses all power or intermittently cuts out.

If your Sebo has suddenly stopped working, it’s often just the power cable. Even if there’s no visual damage, wear and tear can cause the cable to fail internally close to where it goes into the machine. If your Sebo was working just fine and suddenly stopped (and there were no nasty noises, smells or smoke to herald its demise), it may just need a replacement flex.

Here’s how to diagnose if it’s just the flex at fault: plug it in and switch it on. Grasp the power cord a few inches from where it goes into the handle. Move it very gently and slowly up and down, side to side and maybe round in a circle. Try twisting it a little left and right. If the machine bursts into life, even for a moment while you are doing that, then it needs a replacement power cord. In this case, the cable has broken internally and a new one will fix it.

If that doesn’t work, try doing the same a few inches back from the plug.  Very occasionally, they can fail where the wire goes into the plug.

If you still can’t be sure, do you have another Sebo or a neighbour, relative, or friend with a Sebo? If so, try their full handle on your machine. If it works, you know it’s the cable.

So you need a new flex. What are the options? 

You have three options.

If you are not practically inclined, you can buy a complete brand new handle and flex from us >>here<<.

You can also send us your handle and we will fit a new flex for you and send it back. It’s a painless service you can find out about >>here<<.

If you are practically inclined, you can fit a new flex yourself. If you want to know how to fit a replacement Sebo vacuum flex, we have a video tutorial below.

And that’s how to fit a replacement Sebo vacuum flex!

Which brand flex to buy? 

Don’t buy poor-quality budget flexes from platforms like eBay and Amazon. Cheap Chinese cables fail prematurely and are a false economy. They won’t have the proper cable tidy clip on, they’ll usually be the wrong length so they hang oddly on your machine and they won’t be terminated correctly. Spend a couple of pounds more and get a good quality flex.

Buying a “genuine Sebo flex” is also unnecessary. They are rather expensive and offer no benefit over another flex of comparable or greater quality. Power cords don’t fall under Sebo warranty either as they are a consumable, the lifespan of which is entirely dependent on usage.

Here at the Sebo Shop at Manchester Vacs we have our own brand of Sebo compatible flexes.

How To Fit a Replacement Sebo Vacuum Flex & Where To Buy

Why? Because none of the aftermarket suppliers made flexes good enough for what we wanted, that’s the reason we did our own. Most suppliers obsess about price only. With very low prices comes poor quality. We think people are happy to pay a couple of quid more for a good product. We wanted good flexes at a competitive price. We found a good company that makes good flexes.

We use them on all our own repairs and reconditioned machines, and sell them each and every day without issues. We also sell to the trade in 10s.

Some people are happy to pay less for crap. We like to turn out good products when they have our name on them. We abhor mediocrity and poor quality to meet a price point. Especially with something as important as a flex. It’s just not what we are about. Our flexes are of great quality, are terminated correctly, hang correctly and have the same Sebo cable tidy clip on.

We sell two flexes for Sebo X machines.

  • An original specification 0.75mm, 10m one (part number 5641) as fitted to Sebos originally.
  • An upgraded 1.00mm, 11.2m one that exceeds Sebo specifications (part number 1104). 1.00mm is 33% thicker internally and thus more durable.

Where to buy a flex?

On platforms such as eBay and Amazon, you’ll typically pay up to 25% more for anything. Why? because they charge sellers very high fees to use their platform and those fees must be passed on to you. Also, they have very generous return policies that often make the seller fund even change of mind returns. Again, the costs to fulfill those policies must be shared by all buyers. These extra costs usually make sellers use the cheapest, slowest delivery services too in order to meet a price point.

On our own Sebo Shop website, we have a flat delivery charge (fast delivery with proper tracking) which doesn’t increase if you add to your order a cable entry grommet, a service box, some bags or anything else you may need for your Sebo. That allows our pricing to be transparent. However, as some people prefer to use the big platforms, especially if they have Prime, the direct links to both types of flexes on all platforms are below (all links open in a new window).

Buy the standard 10m flex on our site here

Buy the standard 10m flex on eBay here

Buy the standard 10m flex on Amazon here

Buy the 11.2m upgraded flex on our site here

Buy the 11.2m upgraded flex on eBay here

Buy the 11.2m upgraded flex on Amazon here

If you need the cable entry grommet, they are >>here<< on our site, >>here<< on eBay and >>here<< on Amazon.

The Sebo Shop at Manchester Vacs are approved Sebo dealers offering next-day UK delivery on all domestic and commercial Sebo vacuum cleaners and spare parts.

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