How To Rebuild a Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Motor

By | May 20, 2022

Rebuild a Sebo Vacuum Motor

Rebuilding a Sebo vacuum motor is not a job for the inexperienced. It’s quite a complex task that takes some time to do properly, and you should have previous experience in the rebuilding of similar types of motors to want to attempt it.

Not all Sebo vacuum cleaner motors are the same. The Sebo X1 takes a Lamb motor.

Rebuild a Sebo vacuum cleaner motor

The X4, Evolution and BS ranges pre-2017 take a variant of the Domel motor below (they’re not all the same).

Rebuilding a Sebo X4 motor

The X7 and many post-2017 models take an Ametek Italia.

Rebuilding a Sebo vacuum cleaner motor

Sebo motors are not interchangeable. You must replace like with like.

However, the rebuilding technique remains pretty much the same for all the variations.

It isn’t just a case of putting a set of carbon brushes in and hoping for the best. You would expect to need to change at least one of the bearings at the same time if you’re going to rebuild a Sebo vacuum motor.

As with many things, it’s easier to show you than explain it in a post, so for this reason, we have the video below which shows one of our Sebo engineers rebuilding a motor for a customer.

You can click the YouTube button to watch the video on full screen on YouTube.

Here are the parts you’ll need: the bearings are >>here<< and the bearing puller is >>here<<. X1 Lamb carbon brushes are >>here<< and X4 Domel carbon brushes are >>here<<.

If the commutator on your motor is damaged it isn’t usually possible to refurbish it then, so in that case your motor would be scrap and it’s time to buy a new motor. We sell motors for all Sebo vacuum models that you can find by clicking the banner below and going to the parts page for your machine.

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