How to Recycle Your Old Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Handle

By | October 14, 2022

Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Handle Recycling

We have a service that allows you to recycle your old Sebo X series faulty or broken handle with us that is totally free of charge to you.

Recycle your old Sebo handle

If you’ve bought a replacement Sebo handle and power cord assembly from us and want to recycle your old one rather than throw it away, we will pay the carriage to us and recycle it for you.

You can reuse the packaging that we sent your new handle to you in, and there are two methods we can offer for carriage.

The most convenient and cheapest method for us is Royal Mail. And you would need to drop the parcel off at your local sorting office.

We will post you a prepaid sticky postage label that you can fix to the box, and you would usually need to drop it off at the sorting office rather than the post office.

Most post offices won’t accept our labels because they are unable to scan them (and they only get paid when they scan something). However, if you have friendly local post office staff that you know, you can just ask them to put the parcel with their outgoing mail for the next collection without scanning it or producing a receipt. They can easily do that, but not all post offices will do that. Be sure yours will if you are going to have us mail you a label to use at a post office instead of a sorting office.

If you have Royal Mail business collections from your place of work, you can just put the parcel in with your company’s outgoing mail instead.

If you are not near a sorting office or a friendly post office, we can arrange an Evri (Hermes) parcel label. You can check >>here<< where your nearest drop shop is. If that works better for you, we can email you a label you can print and tape to the box. In this instance, make sure you have a functioning printer and also check your spam emails because the label we send might end up there. Fix the label to the box and drop it off at the parcel shop.

How To Arrange To Send Your Handle for Recycling

You will need to decide first if you are able to drop the parcel off at a local sorting office (or at a friendly post office where you know the staff) or an Evri parcel shop.

If you have read this post before you order your new handle, there is an “order comments” section during the checkout flow, mention there you want a return recycling label, and say if you want a Royal Mail or Evri label, and we’ll enclose it with your new handle.

If you have arrived here from the link on your invoice, just reply to your order confirmation email, by so doing, we can look up your data easily that way.

If you haven’t got access to your confirmation email or you have bought from us on a platform such as Amazon or eBay then you can >>email us here<<. We’ll need your name and address and we need to know whether you need a Royal Mail or an Evri label. We cannot arrange this via Amazon or eBay messaging due to their rules.

Please be aware that we are charged at the point of label creation, labels have a short shelf life and cannot be cancelled. If you don’t drop the parcel off, we are still charged and that utterly defeats the object for everyone.

Far too much of our electronic waste goes into the domestic waste stream and much of it ends up in the landfill. We can make use of your old Sebo handle, so it makes sense to recycle it with us. Not only are you recycling your old, broken handle, but you will also be recycling the packaging your new one came in. As we use lots of recycled packaging in the first place, doing this makes you greener than Kermit the Frog!


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