How to Strip Down a Sebo Turbo Floor Head – 8365GS

By | September 25, 2021

If you need to strip down a Sebo turbo floor head, this article is for you.

The new replacement floorheads supplied by Sebo changed several years ago. They are ostensibly similar, and the new one performs better. The two types are below.

Sebo turbo floor tools

The older type (6780ER) is at the back, the newer type (8365GS) is at the front.

Wherever you buy one from now, older product description photos aside, you will get the newer one as the older type has been discontinued.

A customer contacted us recently who was unhappy with her new one as it seemed to lack the easy access of its predecessor to be able to open it and service it.

The old design had four Phillips screws allowing it to opened up for brushbar cleaning, etc.  The newer type has six star screws, four of which are hidden to dissuade you from taking it apart.

Even the Sebo manual that comes with it claims this:

Sebo head strip down

Beyond a clip off inspection flap, it is claimed: “the turbo brush cannot be disassembled any further”. That’s poppycock.

So you must buy a new one when it gets clogged with hair? That’s silly and not typical of Sebo.

I’ll insert a caveat here: Taking it apart is easy, reassembling it is fiddly and you need to be of a practical disposition in order to do it.

This will be why Sebo dissuade the public from doing it, lest they be flooded with calls from people who can’t put it back together again.

If you have disassembled and rebuilt the old version, the newer one is almost identical inside.

If you feel confident that you’ll be able to reassemble it, here’s how to strip down a Sebo turbo floor head.

how to strip down a Sebo turbo floor head

Observe the two sunken screw holes and the four wheels. Two screws are down the holes, and the other four are under the wheels.

Here is how to remove the four wheels and axles.

how to strip down a Sebo turbo floor head

Get a pair of pliers, give them a gentle pull and they pop out without much resistance.

Observe the Torx star screws under there.

Service a Sebo floor head

To unscrew these six screws you need a Torx T10 screwdriver. If you don’t have one, we sell them >>here<< (opens in a new window).

Having done that, the unit can be disassembled.

Sebo vacuum cylinder head strip down

From there you can clean and service it as required.

Reassembly is a logical reverse sequence of the above.

Be aware, reassembly is fiddly and you build it up in the base before putting the top on – not vice versa as depicted above.

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