Is It Worth Having an Old Sebo Vacuum Repaired?

By | June 19, 2022

Is It Worth Having an Old Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Repaired? Or Should You Just Buy a New One?

This is a question we are asked quite often so let’s delve into it a bit.

Many vacuum cleaners are designed to be thrown away after a few years of use (Shark and Vax are good examples). Some other vacuums are believed by many to have much built-in obsolescence that often makes repairs uneconomical (you may think we mean Dyson here, but we couldn’t possibly comment).

However, this throwaway culture creates a significant amount of waste and is not environmentally friendly. Sebo vacuum cleaners can be expensive to replace. As a result, many people wonder if it is worth repairing their Sebo vacuum cleaners.

If you have a Sebo, the answer is usually yes. Repairs are usually cheaper than a replacement, and vacuum cleaners that are properly maintained can last for many years. Additionally, repairs are often more environmentally friendly than a replacement, as they create less waste. Therefore, when deciding whether to repair or replace a vacuum cleaner, it is important to consider all of the factors involved.

Over our lifetime each one of us throws away over three tonnes of old electrical products. To preserve our environment we need to look at ways of becoming more sustainable. Repairing your Sebo with us is green; it reduces the amount of end-of-life electrical appliances going into landfills.


Is It Worth Having an Old Sebo Vacuum Repaired?

The Sebo X4 you see above, for example, is a high-quality vacuum cleaner that will provide years of service with proper care. Sebo is a German company that has been making vacuums for over 30 years, and the X4 was one of their top models. It features a powerful motor, a great design that is still much loved today, and a wide range of accessories. The Sebo X4 is also very durable, and it is not uncommon for them to last for 15 or more years. If any parts do wear out, we’ll have them in stock. Overall, the Sebo X4 is an excellent vacuum cleaner that was worth the investment then and is worth repairing today.

Find out about having a Sebo vacuum repaired anywhere in the UK from our >national Sebo repair page<

How Old Is Too Old To Be Repaired?

Let’s go a bit further back than the X4. Look at these two machines.

Is It Worth Having an Old Sebo Vacuum Repaired?

The one on the left is an X1 from the 1990s. The one on the right is a Sebo X1.1 from the early 2000s. These are customers’ machines we have repaired and serviced. We see Sebo machines of this age every day of the week. So yes, your old Sebo is probably worth repairing.

Unlike small vacuum repair shops, we have pretty much every conceivable Sebo spare part in stock. We don’t have to hang about waiting for parts to come in like small shops often do. We are also a trade parts supplier, many small vacuum repair shops buy some of their Sebo spares from us.

Let’s go further back still…………..

With us, it’s normally viable to fix even the oldest of Sebos. They’re built in such a way that they can be repaired, and even spares for machines 20-30 years old are still available. Look at this Sebo below.

Is It Worth Having an Old Sebo Vacuum Repaired?

A pre-1989 Sebo 360 Electronic commercial vacuum cleaner

That is an old commercial Sebo 360 Electronic we repaired. The fact that it says ‘Made in West Germany’ on the back means it was made before 1989. Your Sebo is probably much more recent than that, so yes, your Sebo can be repaired too.

Find out about having a Sebo vacuum repaired anywhere in the UK from our >national Sebo repair page<

Choose a Sebo Approved Repairer

When it comes to choosing a repair shop for your Sebo, it is important to choose one with experience and knowledge of the brand. General vacuum repair shops may not have the experience or knowledge to properly repair your Sebo, which could lead to further damage. In addition, Sebos often have their own unique procedures (such as resetting the control board properly), which a general repair shop may not be familiar with. As a result, you could end up paying more for repairs than if you had gone to a specialist Sebo repair shop in the first place. Trusting your Sebo repair needs to a general “Jack of all trades” vacuum repair shop could end up costing you more in the long run. Choose a Sebo-approved repairer to ensure your repairs are done right the first time.

Don’t trust ‘Jack of all trades’ repair shops with your Sebo vacuum cleaner

A Sebo-approved repairer will have the knowledge and skills to carry out the repairs quickly and efficiently. They will also be able to source genuine spare parts from the manufacturer, which means that your Sebo will be back in action in no time. In addition, specialist repairers will have a good understanding of the whole brand range including commercial Sebo models. This means that they can advise you on the best course of action to take, and provide you with an accurate quote for the work that needs to be carried out. So if you’re looking for a reliable and experienced repairer, be sure to choose a Sebo-approved specialist repairer.

Choose a Sebo Approved Repairer

Find out about having a Sebo vacuum repaired anywhere in the UK from our >national Sebo repair page<

Here’s Another Reason It’s Worth Fixing an Old Sebo Vacuum Cleaner

In 2017 the EU foisted upon us a maximum wattage limit of 900w for vacuum cleaners. Despite the UK leaving the EU, the government shows no sign of rescinding that rule. The BBC did a feature on those rules in our shop you can watch here.

Your Sebo X1, X1.1 or X4 is either 1100w or 1300w. More powerful than any vacuum you can buy today unless you spend £499 for a bespoke X4 from us. So yes, it’s certainly worth mending.

DIY Repairs on Your Sebo Vacuum Cleaner

If you are a practical type, you may want to do a DIY repair. With a little knowledge and the right tools, many repairs can be quite straightforward. We have many free tutorials available online that can walk you through the process step-by-step. In addition, we sell all the spare parts you are likely to want, so it’s easy to get what you need. So if you’re a competent DIY repairer, don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and take on those Sebo repairs yourself.

Our free vacuum cleaner advice forums – alongside the blog here – are a great free resource for Sebo owners who want to perform DIY repairs. With free tutorials and many documented DIY repairs, our forums are the perfect place to learn how to repair your Sebo hoover. In addition, our forums are a great way to connect with other Sebo owners and share tips and tricks on repairs. So whether you’re looking for advice on vacuum cleaner maintenance or repairs (or would like to dispense some – we welcome that too), our forums are a great place to start.

These are some topics on the blog here you may find useful as well: 

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On our Youtube channel, there are cable fitting videos, motor rebuild videos, and all kinds of interesting Sebo and vacuum-related stuff. Please consider subscribing to our channel.

Here’s a great strip-down resource: One of our forum members, a chap known as Beko1987, a vacuum expert, Youtuber, enthusiast, repairer, collector and all-round raconteur has created an excellent topic on our advice forums that is the full A-Z of how to strip down a Sebo X4 vacuum cleaner. Go to the topic on our forums by clicking the button below.

How to strip down a Sebo X4 vacuum cleaner

Please be aware we are unable to give one-to-one repair advice by email or telephone. Please ask a question on our forums if you need advice. Our forums are the ONLY place our engineers give free advice.

Now you know how to strip down your Sebo, you may want some spare parts.

Where To Buy Sebo Spare Parts

Here at the Sebo Shop at Manchester Vacs, we are a family business. There are many reasons to buy from a family business. Family businesses often provide better service than larger corporations because they rely on repeat customers for their livelihood. As a result, family businesses often have more product knowledge than larger companies. Because they are typically smaller and more nimble, family businesses can also be more innovative, offering unique products and services that larger companies cannot match. Whether you’re looking for better service, more product knowledge, or unique offerings, buying from a family business is often the best decision.

On platforms such as eBay and Amazon, you’ll typically pay up to 25% more for anything. Why? because they charge sellers very high fees to use their platform and those fees must be passed on to you. Also, they have very generous return policies that often make the seller fund even change of mind returns. Again, the costs to fulfill those policies must be shared by all buyers. These extra costs usually make sellers use the cheapest, slowest delivery services too in order to meet a price point.

On our own Sebo Shop website, we have a flat delivery charge (fast delivery with proper tracking) which doesn’t increase the more you add to the basket. And it’s free on orders over £120. That allows our pricing to be transparent.

We stock a huge range of both genuine and after-market Sebo spare parts, and we have lots of exclusive lines you simply won’t find anywhere else. Click the banner below to visit our online shop.

The Sebo Shop at Manchester Vacs are approved Sebo dealers offering next-day UK delivery on all domestic and commercial Sebo vacuum cleaners and spare parts.

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