A Look Inside the New Sebo X7 Vacuum Cleaner.

By | June 20, 2018

Sometimes – as engineers – you have to take something apart simply to see how it is put together.

Today we decided to take apart the new Sebo X7 Pet vacuum cleaner. For no other reason than to have a look at it and then rebuild it again.

Contrary to popular belief,  they share almost no internal parts with the previous Sebo X4.

Sebo X7 strip down

When we take off the top we can see that ostensibly it looks pretty similar to previous Automatic X Sebo models. However there are many differences. The height adjustment module and the belts are the same, other than that pretty much everything else is different.

Where before there were two PCBs under the hood of a Sebo Automatic X machine, on the Sebo X7 there is only one.

Sebo X7 repair

The functions of the previous other two boards are condensed into this one.

Sebo X7 technical specification

The motor is enclosed within a bucket assembly which differs to the previous mounting arrangement completely.

The underside of the main PCB control board (which is designated NPPSTXG-A6 and we sell >here< if you need one) shows a few components. But not many.

Sebo X7 main control board

When we take out the motor from the bucket assembly we see that it is an Ametek Italia type 52043 with a twin fan. The motor is a little bit smaller than the previous Domel motors fitted to the Automatic X series.

Sebo X7 Ametek motor 52043

Overall as we thought, whilst being a facelift, most components have actually been changed. Only the height adjustment unit, the belts and the brushroll remain the same in the head unit – everything else is new.

They Sebo X7 comes in three standard variants: standard gloss white, gloss blue and the top of the range version that we have looked at here today is the black X7 Pet. The Sebo Shop are approved Sebo dealers offering next day UK delivery on all domestic and commercial Sebo vacuum cleaners. You can shop the Automatic X range and other Sebo upright vacuums by clicking >>this link<<.


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