Is the Midnight Blue Sebo X7 Extra Vacuum a Good Buy?

By | February 15, 2024

Is the midnight blue Sebo X7 Extra vacuum cleaner worth its price? Allow us to guide you in selecting your next Sebo vacuum.

Midnight Blue Sebo X7 Extra Vacuum
When considering midnight blue Sebo X7s across various platforms, it’s crucial to note that not all midnight blue Sebos are identical. Some termed as “limited editions” are also midnight blue, navy blue or dark blue.

For example, John Lewis offers the “Sebo X7 Excel Plus vacuum cleaner” in blue, currently priced at £439.90. If you buy this midnight blue Sebo X7 from our store and pair it with this compact turbo tool, you’ll receive the same machine with the same accessories (minus the headlight) for £368.74, saving you £71.16.

Similar “limited editions” are available at Euronics, Hughes, AO, and other chain stores. However, these so-called limited editions from major retailers rarely offer the best value for money. The optimal value always lies with the machines supplied to independent Sebo dealers like ourselves.

Aside from special colour variants like pastel models, there are three models of Sebo X7 supplied to the independent dealer network.

The basic white X7 ePower is one of these, which comes with no additional tools except for the two onboard tools. If you already own a Sebo and are simply upgrading, the white model isn’t a bad choice since you can utilise all your previous hoses and tools from your X4 or earlier X1 Sebo on your new X7.

At the top end is the black X7 Pet Boost, which we believe to be the best value Sebo X7 available, albeit being the priciest. We have an article discussing the most cost-effective Sebo model here, which you may want to peruse alongside this one.

However, turning back to the midnight blue Sebo X7 Extra. This machine serves as a replacement for the highly regarded navy blue X4 Extra (and the previously sold X4 Excel at John Lewis). We still offer the old Sebo X4 due to its continued popularity; see this article.

In 2017, EU regulations mandated a wattage reduction to 900W for vacuum cleaners, leading Sebo to retire the X4 range in the UK and the EU, introducing the X7 range in its stead. The BBC covered this development with a news segment in our store, which you can watch below.

The midnight blue Sebo X7 Extra sits as the mid-range offering, equipped with the standard two onboard tools: a crevice tool and a stair tool. Additionally, it includes a dusting brush tool that can be attached to the handle using the provided clamp, offering three onboard tools.

The Sebo X7 Extra also features the extension hose, a highly beneficial accessory, as elaborated in the following video we’ve produced.

The Sebo X7 Extra provides decent value for money and remains one of our top-selling models. Like all vacuums in the Automatic X range from Sebo, this machine adjusts its height according to the floor type, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

One of the key advantages of Sebo vacuums is their evolutionary design approach. Sebo doesn’t attempt to completely overhaul their machines every few years like Dyson and Shark; instead, they refine their excellent designs over time, evolving from the X1 in the 1990s through to the X4 and finally the X7 available today.

For consumers, this translates to the Sebo X7 Extra being an exceptionally reliable and capable machine. Sebo is widely recognised as one of the most dependable vacuum brands available.

The Sebo X7 range is backed by a five-year direct-to-Sebo guarantee. Unlike some other brands where claiming warranty can be arduous, Sebo’s warranty process is straightforward – simply register your product online. Sebo is diligent about honouring warranties due to the infrequency of warranty claims.

So, is the Sebo X7 Extra the right choice for you?

Midnight Blue Sebo X7 Extra Vacuum
In our view, if you can stretch your budget by approximately £50, we’ve always recommended the black X7 Pet Boost as it offers better value considering the additional features it provides.

The midnight blue Sebo X7 Extra, being the next model down, also offers good value at a mid-range price point. If you don’t require the charcoal filter, boost function, and extra tools included in the Pet model for the extra cost, then the midnight blue Sebo X7 Extra presents an excellent all-around choice for a family home with diverse flooring types.

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