New Sebo Cutting Out? How to Fix That.

By | January 6, 2021

If you have recently assembled your new Sebo XP10, XP20 or XP30 vacuum (or Professional G overseas) and it is randomly cutting out, you’ve likely made a simple assembly error.

Watch this video for the easy fix.

This fix also applies to Automatic X machines such as the X7 although the locking lever looks a little different. On X machines, the lever is this position when locked.

Sebo handle latch

NOT like this.

Sebo handle lock

And certainly not like this.

Sebo handle clip

If your Sebo is cutting out and showing a red warning light before it does, then look at our other post entitled “How to Fix the Bag Warning Light and Machine Switching Off on a Sebo Vacuum Cleaner” instead.

If your Sebo is cutting out and it isn’t new and/or just assembled, or the handle pulls out of the body when the lever is locked or is cutting out when the cable is flexed, that is a different problem.

Have a delve through the blog archives here or our forums as the problem is most likely listed. You can also ask a question on our advice forums if you can’t find a solution.

Can’t fix it yourself? 

Having a Sebo repaired by us wherever you are in the country need not be a painful experience, and we have a very comprehensive page on how to get your Sebo repaired here: Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Repairs

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