The Refurbishment of a Commercial Sebo BS36 Vacuum Cleaner

By | October 20, 2019

The Sebo BS36 is the model that tends to be the default choice for many schools, hospitals, offices, cleaning companies, cruise ships, the Whitehouse in the US, Buckingham Palace and many government departments. In short, they are built like a tank and last a LONG time.

Dependable and rugged machines, they are ideal for heavy duty use. The 36cm brush width is perfect for medium to large sized areas.

The Sebo BS36 can clean a wide range of facilities and the replaceable brush strips make it economical to run for long periods. Able to clean flat to the floor, it can reach under furniture and its L-shaped head lets it clean under radiators and other furniture.

The Sebo BS36 was replaced in 2017 with a facelifted model called the Sebo BS360.

We document here the typical refurbishment in our workshop of a commercial Sebo BS36 twin motor vacuum. I thought may be of interest to some of our readers.

Here is an “as is” Sebo BS36 vacuum from an ex-PLC contract batch just arrived.

So first we strip it down………..

And remove all components from the body and housings so they can be washed……..

Here we see the washed chassis and brushroll, with a half buffed top cover in the background……

The motor ran but the carbon brushes were short and the bearings noisy, so some surgery required…….

Motor rebuilt and starting to go back together now……

Almost there, cosmetic refurbishment of the case now…..

And now finished and on the shop floor.

You can see here the various stages of strip down and rebuild including a motor rebuild and all refurbished machines are fitted with a new flex.

Don’t fall for budget priced machines from fly-by-night sellers on places such as eBay. Most aren’t approved Sebo dealers, don’t have the access to new spares, the expertise or inclination to rebuild a Sebo BS36 like you see here.

Many simply plug them in to see if they run, change the bag, blow them out with an airline and give them a wipe over and call them reconditioned. That isn’t reconditioning. What you see here is.

Caveat Emptor if buying a reconditioned Sebo online from a seller who isn’t an approved Sebo agent.

We have reconditioned BS36s (when available) >>here<<

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The Sebo Shop at Manchester Vacs are approved Sebo dealers offering next day UK delivery on all domestic and commercial Sebo vacuum cleaners. 

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