Replacing a Sebo X1 Vacuum Cleaner

By | July 10, 2018

Are you looking to replace your Sebo X1 vacuum cleaner? Are you looking for the modern equivalent model for your Sebo X1 vacuum cleaner?

Your Sebo X1 is maybe older than you think. Sebo branched into the domestic vacuum cleaner market in the UK only in 1991, The X1 was their first domestic model in this country.

Sebo X1

If you own a Sebo X1 machine that has finally expired, it was made between 1991 and 1999, so the likelihood is that the Sebo X1 vacuum you are looking to replace is well over 20 years old. It’s not too bad for vacuum cleaner is it?

If you love that Sebo X1 so much, we can fix it for you. Click >>here<< to find out how. But if you think you’ve had your moneysworth out of it, let’s get you fixed up with a new one.

But what to replace your Sebo X1 with? What is the latest Sebo model that is the equivalent of your Sebo X1?

Now, Sebo will correctly tell you after the X1 came the X1 .1 and the X4, and more recently in 2017 thanks to >>enforced EU rules<< the Automatic X range was redesigned into >>the Sebo X7<<. And that’s true.

However, if you want a new Sebo vacuum cleaner that looks pretty similar to your X1 and is just as sturdy, and doesn’t break the bank, we have another suggestion……

Sebo X1 replacement

This machine is the Sebo XP10.

The Sebo XP10 is one of the range of commercial vacuum cleaners that Sebo are so well known for. In actual fact the XP10 is a commercial version of the X7 which itself is a direct derivative of your X1.

However, with the recently launched XP10 what Sebo have done is harked back to the styling of your X1 and they have revisited what is now considered to be quite on trend retro styling.

Sebo X1 new model

Not everybody wants their vacuum cleaner to look like a 23rd century spacecraft like Dyson seem to think they should (and not everybody wants them to fall to pieces too quickly either). Some people want their vacuum cleaner to actually look like a vacuum cleaner they recognise. If you bought a Sebo X1 twenty years ago, you will recognise the Sebo XP10.

Sebo X4 replacement

As a commercial machine the Sebo XP10 is supplied in pretty basic specification. It has no long extending hose beyond the standard one, and it has no tools other than the stair tool and the crevice tool that live in the apertures in the back of the machine. You can add those on during purchase if you need them though.

What it does have however is the hard wearing anti-scratch surface that’s your X1 has. The more modern X4 and X7 domestic machines tend to have a high gloss finish which is very nice until it becomes scratched with use. The hard wearing and durable commercial finish on the XP10, which is very similar to the finish on your X1, is well known to stand the test of time.

Sebo X1 update

The XP10 takes the same bags and internal pre-motor tower filter as your X1 and indeed the filters and many other aspects of the machine will look familiar to you. All your old tools will fit as well.

Sebo X1 new model

Sebo are not great believers in reinventing the wheel every year like Dyson try to do. Sebo simply hone and tweak what is a tried and tested formula that works. A better way to say it might be, “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it”.

Sebo X1

There will be no learning curve for you leaving an X1 (above) and using an XP10. The machine will feel like an old friend rejigged just a little for the 21st-century. Here is a one minute video of it in action in our shop:

You won’t find a Sebo XP10 in your local branch of Currys, Argos or John Lewis though. As a commercial machine there are limited outlets that supply them, and almost none of them “retail” in the traditional sense. Most of the businesses that supply commercial Sebo vacuum cleaners are large cleaning supply companies that supply entities like the NHS and PLCs.

We at the Sebo shop and Manchester Vacs are Sebo dealers and we supply both domestic and commercial variants of Sebo vacuum cleaners. In fact, we are the largest independent vacuum shop in the north of England. The Sebo XP10 is a standard stock item for us, we have physical stock available for in-store collection or next day delivery anywhere in the UK if you buy online.

We sell the Sebo XP10 here: >>The Sebo XP10 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner<<.

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