Sebo Automatic X: Red Bag Full Light Lit Up and Machine Cutting Out

By | November 14, 2020

Today we are going to discuss how to fix your Sebo vacuum cleaner if the bag full warning light is illuminated and the machine switches off a few moments later.

This can happen with the Sebo X1, the Sebo X4, the Sebo X5, the Sebo X7 or any of the Automatic X range.

It can also happen with commercial Sebo models XP10, XP20, XP30, the BS or Evolution ranges.

You’ve changed your bag as the light told you to, and when you switch the machine on the red light is still illuminated.

If that red light stays on for more than a few moments, the machine will switch itself off.

It is designed to do this – that is a safety feature to protect the motor that is built into the machine.

This is usually a very small problem that you can fix yourself, but it accounts for about 95% of our would-be warranty enquiries.

People contact us every week telling us that they’ve changed the bag in their vacuum but the Sebo bag full light stays on and then the machine switches off on its own.

Many people think this a basis to make a warranty claim – it isn’t.

This usually isn’t a warranty issue, this is usually a simple blockage that causes this problem.

The Sebo bag full light illuminates when the bag is full because it means the machine is blocked. But if the bag is empty and the machine is blocked elsewhere, the machine will still think the bag is full and show you the bag full warning light.

This is a very simple fix you can do at home and we have made a small video that you can watch below to show you how to do this.

In the unlikely event that your machine has no blockages, and after checking what we have outlined in the video above your machine is still switching itself off with the Sebo bag full light lit up, then it may need a repair.

If you are lucky, it can just be a board reset. Click >>here<< to see our article on how to do that with older machines.

If you’re unlucky, it may need a main internal PCB. However, that is not the end of the world and a repair of this nature is likely to come out at around £100 if you need to send the machine in to us.

Having a Sebo repaired by us wherever you are in the country need not be a painful experience, and we have a very comprehensive page on how to get your Sebo repaired here: Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Repairs