Introducing the Sebo CE12 Softcase Vacuum Cleaner

By | May 11, 2024

Meet the Sebo CE12 Softcase vacuum cleaner, a new and lightweight vacuum cleaner just launched in the North American market. While currently tailored for the 120v North American voltage, the anticipation for its arrival in the UK market is palpable. Here’s everything you need to know about this potential game-changer.

Sebo CE12 Softcase Vacuum: A Corded Companion to the Cordless BP60

The Sebo CE12 Softcase serves as the corded counterpart to the acclaimed Sebo BP60 cordless vacuum cleaner. Its recent launch in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico has generated significant buzz among cleaning enthusiasts. Across the pond here in the UK, eager eyes await its potential arrival. We were so eager in fact, that we imported this one from Canada to have a look at.

Sebo CE12 vacuum

In the tradition of Germanic precision, the Sebo CE12 Softcase vacuum cleaner derives its name from a blend of functionality and engineering detail. Much like its cordless counterpart, the BP60, where “BP” signifies “battery-powered” with a 60-minute runtime, the CE12’s designation is equally informative. Here, “CE” denotes “Corded Electrical,” highlighting its reliance on mains power for consistent performance. Complementing this, we assume the “12” refers to the 12″ brushroll width.

The Sebo CE12 Softcase: Lightweight Design

Weighing under 6kg, the CE12 epitomises effortless manoeuvrability, eliminating the strain often associated with bulkier vacuums. Its lightweight construction delivers a seamless cleaning experience, reminiscent of the ease once offered by Oreck in the UK market.

Sebo CE12 softcase vacuum

Excellent Cleaning Performance

Beyond its convenience, the CE12 boasts great cleaning performance. Equipped with adjustable height settings, it easily adapts to various carpet types, ensuring thorough cleaning without hassle. Maintenance is simplified with features like a removable brushroll and belt protection, ensuring longevity and peak performance.

Sebo Superior Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality concerns are addressed with the CE12’s HEPA-filtered bags, capturing even the tiniest particles for a healthier home environment. As with all Sebos, bid farewell to allergens and dust, and welcome good air quality with every cleaning session.

Sebo CE12 vacuum cleaner

The Technical Specifications of the Sebo Softcase CE12

Driven by efficient impeller technology (also known as direct air or dirty fan), the CE12 achieves an impressive airflow of 27 litres per second, despite its modest 400-watt power rating. This innovative system ensures powerful suction and brush action.

However, its technical specifications are one of the reasons this machine is not currently sold in the UK. Known as the EU vacuum ban, in 2017 the zealots at the EU forced on us limits of 900w and 80 decibels of noise. Even since Brexit, the government is disinclined to rid us of this silly legislation. The CE12 is louder than 80 decibels. If or when the boffins at Sebo can make it quieter, it should be introduced into the UK and EU markets.

Features that Enhance Performance and Durability

From its adjustable power head to its foot pedal release mechanism, every aspect of the CE12 is engineered for maximum efficiency and durability. Practicality meets convenience with a large volume filter bag and a 10-metre power cord, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning sessions.

Sebo CE12 vacuum cleaner

In a market saturated with mediocre vacuum cleaners, the Sebo CE12 Softcase stands out as a true innovator, in our opinion. While currently tailored for the North American 120v market, its potential introduction to the UK market could mirror the impact once seen with Oreck (remember those?). A lightweight, upright, mains-powered vacuum cleaner that actually works well and doesn’t break down or clog up is the holy grail. Few have managed it (none that we recall in recent years). As anticipation builds, keep an eye on this groundbreaking appliance.

We’ve done an unboxing, floor test and opinion video on the Sebo CE12 that you can watch below.

The Sebo CE12 Softcase vacuum cleaner represents a leap forward in home cleaning technology. With its lightweight design, superior cleaning performance, and innovative features, it’s sure to become a staple in households around the world. As optimism grows for its possible introduction to the UK market, the potential for revolutionising home cleaning is undeniable. Stay tuned for the arrival of this game-changing appliance – it’s set to make waves on both sides of the Atlantic.

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