The New Sebo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: SoftCase BP60

By | September 2, 2022

Sebo Cordless SoftCase BP60 Vacuum Cleaner

Edit: Now this machine has launched, there is an updated article >here<.

We were the first to break the news back in June of the new Sebo battery-powered cordless vacuum cleaner. It’s called the Sebo BP60, and here is a first look:

The battery slides into the side of the unit as you can see here.

The Sebo SoftCase BP60

The SoftCase BP60 from Sebo makes a statement in the market sector of battery-powered upright vacuum cleaners.

The powerful battery with 25.2v and a battery capacity of 308 Wh has a declared running time of 60 minutes under full load. Particularly practical, the power unit (the battery) can be easily charged with the supplied power charger either in the device or outside. A full charge takes about four hours.

Sebo Cordless SoftCase BP60

Using Sebo’s well-known four-layer microfibre filter bags, it does not have to be emptied very often. It catches 99.9% of dust particles and has a volume of 5.5 litres – a lot of dirt fits in there.

The filter housing of the Sebo SoftCase BP60 is a textile soft case. The advantages of this choice of material include being robust and insensitive to impacts and at the same time so light that the hand load when pushing or pulling the device is pleasantly low.

Sebo Cordless SoftCase BP60

In the event of a blockage or overload, the device switches off automatically. In addition, it lifts the brush slightly in the parking position to protect the floor. This 4-way manually adjustable brush can be optimally adjusted to the height of any surface and can be maintained without tools.

Sebo Cordless SoftCase BP60

Sebo Cordless SoftCase BP60 Product Features

  • Battery life under full load: 60 min.
  • Rated power: 300 W
  • Battery capacity / nominal voltage: 308 Wh / 25.2 V
  • Flow rate of the device: 24 l/s
  • Charging time to 100%: 250 min.
  • Filter  bag volume: 5.5 l
  • Working width: 31 cm
  • Size: 116/31/36 cm
  • Weight incl. battery / excl. Battery: 8.15 (5.8) kg

Sebo Cordless vacuum Cleaner

Sebo Cordless SoftCase BP60

Sebo in their marketing says the Sebo Cordless SoftCase BP60 vacuum cleaner is persistent and powerful.

It’s certainly a product we have waited a long time for. There were rumours of this machine being developed in Germany several years ago. So they have had quite a long time to hone and tweak the design, and this machine will be as super as all other Sebo vacuums.

What does BP60 mean? It’s not been officially confirmed yet, but knowing German logic as we do, we’d assume BP means ‘battery powered’ as it says on the hood, and ’60’ relates to the run time.

The new Sebo cordless SoftCase BP60 vacuum cleaner is now available in the UK and you can buy one here: buy Sebo SoftCase BP60 cordless vacuum cleaner.

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