Sebo & Dyson Vacuum Repairs, Sales & Spares in Gorton & Abbey Hey

By | August 28, 2022

Sebo & Dyson Vacuum Repairs, Sales & Spares in Gorton & Abbey Hey

If you are looking for the vacuum cleaner repair shop that used to be on the corner of Abbey Hey Lane and Jetson Street, that’s us!

If you are looking for the vacuum cleaner repair shop that used to be in the Bull’s Head on Reddish Lane in Gorton, that’s us too!

If you are in a rush, >>find us here<< now. If you’d like to read some history, read on.

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If you remember us from Abbey Hey, Gorton in 2007 – 2016, our shop then looked like this.

Sebo & Dyson Vacuum Repairs, Sales & Spares in Gorton & Abbey Hey

We were there for around eight years, and in that location, we became well-known Dyson repair specialists.

Sebo & Dyson Vacuum Repairs, Sales & Spares in Gorton & Abbey Hey

In 2016, we moved to the former Bull’s Head pub on Reddish Lane, right on the edge of Gorton.

Dyson repairs Gorton

Locals may recall we had an opening covered by the media with Tameside Radio doing a live broadcast and an opening ceremony done by TVs Gordon Burns.

Sebo repairs Gorton

Fast forward to 2022 and you can now find us in Bredbury.

Sebo and Dyson repairs Gorton

Leave Gorton up Hyde Road towards Denton, take a right on to the M60, come off at the first junction, and we’re two minutes off the motorway. So still not far away.

Henry and Numatic Spares & Repairs in Gorton

Not just Dyson repairs and Sebo repairs anymore. One of the things moving into bigger premises has allowed us to do is expand our offerings a little. So as well as being Sebo vacuum agents offering sales, service and repair of Sebos, and Dyson repair and spares specialists, we are now stockists of Henry and Numatic bags and parts. We also repair Henry and Numatic vacuums too.

So not just Dyson and Sebo vacuum cleaner spares and repairs, we now cater to the Numatic and Henry ranges too (not wet and dry machines though).

Vacuum and Appliance Power Cords in Gorton

We’ve developed and brought to market many of our own exclusive lines over the years. We sell many spare parts and accessories for Dyson and Sebo vacuum cleaners that you can’t buy anywhere else.

But for the DIY appliance repairer or those in the vacuum or appliance repair trade, we also have our own lines of great quality power cords (flexes, leads, cables – call them what you will) which represent great value, especially if you live locally and can come and collect. Below are some examples:

For those in the trade, we also sell flexes in 10s. We also keep the Pozi screwdrivers for Dyson battery removal and the Torx T8, T10, T15 and T20 screwdrivers you need for most Dyson or Sebo vacuum repairs.

If you are in the vacuum or appliance repair trade, perhaps you used to use the Qualtex trade counter in Denton that has now closed? You can buy all the same stuff from us you once did there. As vacuum spare parts specialists, we cater to the public and trade.

How Much Does a Sebo or Dyson Repair Cost in Gorton?

A quote is always free. We have a minimum charge of £20 for small jobs. As an example, a replacement while-you-wait Sebo power cord replacement costs £35 all in. Typical labour charges for other repairs are in the region of £35-55 depending on the repair. Any extra parts required would be on top. As Sebo and Dyson parts specialists, our parts prices are always competitive. We supply the trade with spare parts too. Find out more on our >>repair page<<.

If My Sebo or Dyson Can’t Be Repaired, Can I Buy a New One?

In the unlikely event that your vacuum cleaner isn’t an economical repair, we keep a handful of reconditioned Dysons and we carry the full range of new Sebo vacuum cleaners, both domestic and commercial models.

Sebo and Dyson Repairs in Gorton

We also have shop floor demonstrators of most models so you can try them before you buy. As we source our machines directly from Sebo and not from distributors or buying groups such as Euronics, buying face-to-face from us usually means you save money as you’re not paying hidden delivery charges or third-party platform fees. It also allows us to discuss deals on bags, quantity discounts, cash discounts, etc. Plus we’ll assemble your new machine free of charge if you like so you don’t need to think about disposing of the packaging.

We absolutely guarantee you a better deal on a new Sebo than any Euronics dealer, big box store or John Lewis store.

Check our prices before you think about a platform such as Amazon, and you can find out in this article why we can offer a better deal than Amazon.

No need to book in or call ahead. Opening times, map, directions, address, telephone number, email and everything else you need to know is on our >find us page<.

Use a Reputable Business

We’ve grown a bit since we were a small shop in Abbey Hey. When the BBC want some vacuum expertise they ask us. When ex-cabinet ministers want a Sebo vacuum cleaner, they come to us. When ITV want a Sebo vacuum cleaner for Coronation St, they get it from us. When Gordon Burns from the Krypton Factor (who lives not far away) wants his vacuum repaired, he comes to us.

Have a read of our Trustpilot reviews.

Sebo Spare Parts and Bags

As the biggest Sebo dealer in the North West, we have more Sebo spare parts than anyone else.

Sebo spare parts Abbey Hey Gorton

As Sebo parts specialists we also keep the full range of bags, tools, hoses and accessories. So if you are fixing your Sebo yourself, or just want some bags, pop down – we’ll have them. If you would rather buy spares online, you can do that too by clicking the banner at the bottom.

Further reading: Our main website homepage is >here<. Our repair information page is >here< and our location and opening times are >here<.


The Sebo Shop at Manchester Vacs are approved Sebo dealers offering next-day UK delivery on all domestic and commercial Sebo vacuum cleaners and spare parts.

Sebo & Dyson Repairs in Gorton: as an official Sebo service centre and parts stockist, we undertake repairs to all Sebo and Dyson vacuums. We also have a page on Sebo repairs in Reddish.

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