The Sebo Felix Rose Vacuum Cleaner in Aid of Cancer Research

By | July 3, 2019

Today we’re going to discuss the Sebo Felix Rose vacuum cleaner.

Lots of ladies like pink things! Women often come in our shop and ask us for pink vacuum cleaners.

If you are looking for a pink inspired vacuum cleaner – read on.

Do you know what? Until now, no decent manufacturer has made a pink vacuum cleaner in recent years.

A few years ago there was a special edition Dyson DCO7 that was done in three tone pink and lavender called the Clic.

Dyson DC07 Clic Pink Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson donated a percentage of the profits from that vacuum cleaner to a breast cancer charity.

Dyson DC07 Clic Pink Vacuum Cleaner

The DC07 Clic was a popular machine back in the day. It’s a rare vacuum today. The one above is an exhibit in our vacuum museum.

Sebo have recently rekindled this excellent idea by creating a limited edition pink and white vacuum.

This is the Sebo Felix Rose.

Sebo Felix Rose vacuum cleaner

It is ostensibly the same machine as any other Sebo Felix vacuum apart from the rather fetching filter wrap with the rose motifs on that is proving very popular.

Sebo Felix Rose vacuum cleaner

With this machine, Sebo are donating 25% of the profits to the Pink Ribbon Foundation – a breast cancer charity.

Sebo Felix Rose vacuum cleaner

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner to go with your pink colour scheme, consider the Sebo Felix Rose.

The Sebo Felix range are popular machines due to the manoeuverability of the head.

Comparable to a Dyson Ball, the head of a Sebo Felix Rose swivels to afford greater access under and around the furniture.

The L-shaped head is designed to allow you to get under the edge of furnishings and radiators, etc.

Sebo Felix Rose vacuum cleaner

In common with all the better end of vacuum cleaners, the Sebo Felix Rose is a bagged machine.

With vacuum cleaners that use bags you need not concern yourself with frequently washing filters and dealing with clogged up cyclones as you do with bagless vacuum cleaners (read our expanded post on this subject >>here<<).

The Sebo Felix is a twin motor machine. One motor provides the suction and the second motor provides the power to turn the brush roll in the removable head.

This is a reliable set up found in many commercial vacuum cleaners.

Sebo Felix Rose vacuum cleaner

Among the excellent engineering elements we like about the Felix are the internal toothed belt that doesn’t slip or snap, and a variable speed control which allows you to turn the suction right down to vacuum delicate items such as curtains.

The Sebo Felix has always been a very versatile machine, and in this latest version as the Sebo Felix Rose, it is nice to know that you are not only buying a spectacular piece of engineering for your home, but by purchasing one, you are aiding the fight against breast cancer.

The Sebo Felix Rose also comes with Sebo’s legendary five year guarantee.

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