All About Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Long Extension Hoses and Where to Buy

By | June 18, 2019

As one of the larger official Sebo dealers in the UK, we are often asked questions by those wanting a long Sebo extension hose.

This article is about the extension hose, if you want the integral onboard hose, read >>this article<< instead.

Confusion arises because some machines come with the extension hose and some don’t. People also seek clarification as to which Sebo vacuums the hose fits.

In the video below we explain:

The Sebo long extension hose does not replace your existing integral hose; it is an addition to it. It connects to your integral hose, which detaches from your stowed wand to give you extra reach.

You get the long extension hose included if you buy one of the top models such as the X7 Pet or the X7 Extra.

If you buy one of the base models such as the white X7, the red X7 sold by Euronics dealers or the Onyx from AO, you do not get the extension hose with it.

Base model machines and special editions often don’t have extras, so they can meet a lower price point.

We sell many extension hoses – and dusting brushes for that matter – to people who bought a base model machine and didn’t realise it doesn’t come with the long hose already. But you can easily buy one from us.

Sebo Extension Hose 1495ER

The Sebo extension hose fits ALL Sebo vacuum cleaners. So, if you have an older X1, X1.1, X4, Felix or even a cylinder Sebo, this hose fits your machine too.

And that brings us onto another question about the extension hose that we are often asked: does it fit the commercial range of Sebos too?

The answer is yes. If you have any of the BS range, the Evolution range, the XP range or the Dart, the extension hose will fit your machine as well.

The hose extends to around 3m long, so when added to your existing integral hose it gives you a reach of around 4m.

Occasionally people need an even longer reach, and in this case it is possible to buy two hoses and join them together. This gives you a range of around 7m from your machine – which is long enough for anyone.

Where to buy?

Many people simply head over to Amazon or eBay to buy anything online nowadays. But on those sites you are often paying more than you would buying from the same seller direct because of the high fees those platforms charge sellers.

Our own site – – is usually cheaper than Amazon or eBay for anything Sebo, and because you’re only paying one flat transparent delivery charge, if you buy extra things like bags or tools it doesn’t cost you any more to add them to your next day DPD delivery.

You can buy the long extension hose for your Sebo from us >>here<<.

If you prefer Amazon, you can find it >>here<<. If you prefer eBay, you can find it >>here<<.