Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Repairs, Service & Sales in Romiley

By | September 9, 2022

Sebo Vacuum Repairs in Romiley

If you are a Sebo vacuum cleaner owner looking for Sebo vacuum repairs in Romiley, you’ve found us. We are the North’s largest Sebo-approved service centre, and we are right on your doorstep in nearby Bredbury.

Sebo repairs Romiley

You’ll find us just off Ashton Road on Stuart Rd, not far from the old Sunblest.

For Sebo vacuum repairs in Romiley, we don’t come out to you, we do all our Sebo repairs in Bredbury at the unit you see above. No appointment is necessary, just pop down any time we are open.

We have a free car park, customer toilets, a spiffing German coffee machine and even air conditioning if its a bit warm. We’re not a corner shop.

Find our contact details, opening times and directions right here on our find us page. Or you can check out the map below.

More About Sebo Vacuum Repairs in Romiley

We can repair any Sebo vacuum cleaner, regardless of age. One of the great things about Sebo vacuums is their modular and repairable design. They are built in such a way that they can be fixed. No ‘sealed units’ or any of that silliness with German engineering. And because we are also Sebo parts specialists, we have any and every conceivable spare part in stock. No hanging around ‘waiting for parts to come in’ with us. We’ve got it in stock.

Some of the typical problems you may have with your Sebo are below:

  • Not self-levelling like it used to
  • Stopping and starting while in use
  • Bag full light showing full when it isn’t
  • Other warning lights coming on
  • Cutting out during use
  • Motor failure
  • Power cord failure (we do those while you wait)

Perhaps you’ve just recognised that it’s time to give it a service. If it’s a few years old and never had a service, it’s probably due one. You’ll soon have it back running like new.

Sebo vacuum repair Romiley

What Does a Sebo Vacuum Repair or Service Cost?

Probably less than you think. A routine service is £49 all in. Our minimum charge for repairs is just £20. Depending on the nature of the problem, labour can be a little more, but it’s seldom over £49. Obviously, any parts would be extra.

This usually makes a Sebo, even an old one, quite a feasible repair.

Find our contact details, opening times and directions right here on our find us page. Or you can check out the map below.

Sebo Spare Parts & Bags in Romiley

As Sebo main agents, we have pretty much any spare part you might need, and of course, all types of Sebo bags.

We also carry selected used and aftermarket spare parts. And we manufacture some lines such as replacement power cables and tool adaptor sets ourselves.

So not just Sebo vacuum repairs in Romiley, but any and every spare part, tool or accessory you may need, we also have. You can browse our online shop via the banner below.

The Sebo Shop

Buying a New Sebo Vacuum Cleaner in Romiley

If you’re looking for a new Sebo vacuum, we keep the full range. We have lots of demonstrators on our shop floor you can try before you buy too.

We’re better value than John Lewis, we’re better value than Amazon. With us, you are shopping direct with the main dealer, with no hidden third-party platform charges.

We also keep the full range of commercial vacuum cleaners, carpet machines and Sebo orbital floor polishers.

If you are in Romiley, you’ll probably recognise this building.

Buy a Sebo vacuum cleaner in Romiley

That’s a very wide Sebo BS460 commercial vacuum we recently delivered to Werneth School in Romiley.

Buy Sebo vacuum Romiley

Sebo commercial vacuums are the default choice for schools, professional cleaning companies and businesses of all sizes.

Domestic or commercial, we’ve got the Sebo vacuum for you.

And by the way, never take an old Sebo to the tip! Even if you have decided to buy a new Sebo elsewhere (not sure why you would, but still), we’ll happily recycle your old Sebo. Any condition – dead or alive. You can drop it off any time we are open, or get in touch and we’ll come and collect it anywhere in Romiley totally free of charge. That way, you can be sure your old Sebo will be recycled properly. Bits from your old Sebo will be used to keep others affordably alive all over the UK.

Use a Reputable Business

Don’t use some fly-by-night chap you’ve found on Facebook, Next Door or similar. You have no idea who such people are, what their background is, or if they are qualified to work on your Sebo (unlikely).

The Sebo Shop at Manchester Vacs has been around a long time. Before coming to Bredbury, we were seven years in Reddish, and before that over a decade in Gorton. The Sebo experience of the engineers in our workshop collectively exceeds half a century. Harry the Hoover Man from Facebook or a general corner vacuum repair shop cannot be compared to us.

When the BBC want some vacuum expertise they ask us. When ex-cabinet ministers want a Sebo vacuum cleaner, they come to us. When ITV want a Sebo vacuum cleaner for Coronation St, they get it from us. When Gordon Burns from the Krypton Factor wants his vacuum repaired, he comes to us.

Have a read of our Trustpilot reviews.

Further reading: Our main website homepage is >here<. Our repair information page is >here< and our location and opening times are >here<.