Sebo Vacuum Cleaners: All About the Warranty and Guarantee

By | June 21, 2019

A subject we are often asked about is the guarantee on Sebo vacuum cleaners.

A little bit of uncertainty exists for people between the guarantee on the domestic and commercial ranges, and we’d also like to clarify the warranty situation depending on where you buy from.

The Domestic Sebo Vacuum Guarantee

If you buy a new domestic Sebo vacuum cleaner, for example a Sebo X7, A Sebo E1 or a Sebo Felix from a Sebo approved dealer in the UK, you will get a no quibble five year guarantee on that machine.

Sebo Vacuum Guarantee

The Commercial Sebo Vacuum Guarantee

If you buy a new commercial Sebo vacuum cleaner, the warranty on those machines is 12 months.

That commercial guarantee would usually be with the retailer direct. Sebo approved commercial retailers usually deal with commercial warranties on behalf of Sebo.

Sebo Vacuum Warranty

A commercial warranty is usually a return to base warranty. This would involve you taking or sending the machine back for inspection and/or repair, and you would be responsible for its delivery back to you again and any costs associated with that carriage.

Where this sometimes causes difficulty for buyers is if they have sourced the machine from a random online seller on a platform such as eBay or Amazon.

If you have bought the machine from a seller that has no repair facility or bricks and mortar workshop, then they have no facility or capability to do any warranty repair for you.

In this circumstance, a limited number of legitimate commercial suppliers have arrangements direct with Sebo and Sebo will deal with any warranty issues on the same return to base basis.

However, with many non-approved online sellers and re-sellers, if you do need some warranty work, you will encounter difficulties.

Better to buy from a proper Sebo dealer.

Sebo vacuum 5 year guarantee

Does It Matter Where You Buy From? 

If you buy a machine from a non-approved Sebo seller, for example from somewhere like Amazon or eBay, there is a possibility that there will be no guarantee on that machine.

Some online sellers on platforms such as eBay or Amazon are selling grey imported machines (often with foreign plugs on) or machines that were previously returns from larger retailers such as John Lewis or AO masquerading as new.

In this case Sebo UK will not honour warranty on those machines.

It can be a false economy trawling the internet to save five or ten pounds on a machine that comes from an unknown or non-approved seller.

Sebo X7 Guarantee

The safest course of action is to always buy a machine from a Sebo approved retailer that has not only an online presence but a bricks and mortar presence as well. If buying a commercial machine, best to use a supplier who is equipped with a repair workshop too.

And it is always better to deal direct with a Sebo dealer for keener pricing, rather than needlessly paying more in order that eBay or Amazon can make their slice of profit.

What Is and Isn’t Covered under the Sebo Guarantee?

Guarantees are subject to a common sense test.

For example, if a domestic vacuum has demonstrably been used in a commercial environment it is unlikely it will be repaired under a domestic five year guarantee.

If the machine has been abused in some way, for example if you have sucked water up with it, the guarantee will not cover you for that. In that instance you would need to get the machine repaired at your own expense.

Cables and power leads are usually not covered under warranty as they are regarded as a consumable item and subject to wear and tear.

We occasionally have to remind people that warranties do not cover routine maintenance or user neglect.

So for example, if your machine is simply blocked and displaying a warning light or if the brush roll is clogged up with hair this is not a reason to try and seek a warranty repair.

Are Sebo Vacuum Cleaners Reliable?

Here is the good news! Sebo vacuum cleaners are among the most reliable vacuums on the market. Most people are very happy with their Sebo vacuum cleaner.

Sebo vacuum cleaner warranty

You will be pleased to know that you are statistically highly unlikely to need to use your warranty at all.

Sebo vacuum cleaners are well known to be extremely reliable and that is why they are the default choice for most contract cleaning companies, schools, hospitals, care homes and hotels.

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