Where to Get Sebo Vacuum Cleaners at the Best Price

By | July 26, 2022

Sebo Vacuum Cleaners at the Best Price

If you’re looking for the best price on a Sebo vacuum cleaner, this article will tell you many things you need to know.

We’re going to give you some pointers and a few things to think about before you buy on price alone. Links on this page open in a new tab so you can investigate, verify and read further without losing this page.

If you’ve decided already that you want to buy a Sebo vacuum cleaner then you’ll be buying the best vacuum cleaner available. Sebo vacuums are well known to have to be the longest-lasting vacuum cleaner you can buy, but the question remains where to buy from.

There is also the question of the best price or best value. Sometimes it’s worth paying £10 more from a reputable retailer who ships from stock and uses an excellent delivery service like next-day DPD (as we do).

You might occasionally save £10 with another seller but you may wait two weeks for the product, and it might arrive with Hermes (Evri) who may dump it in a puddle in the rain in your front garden to be stolen.

Hours on the phone, chargebacks and disputes. Who needs all that hassle to save a tenner? We use DPD for a reason.

The Sebo Shop

There is a balance to be struck between the best price and the best value. Sometimes they are the same, but not always.

Sebo Vacuum Cleaners at the Best Price

Is Amazon or eBay the Cheapest for a Sebo Hoover?

Online shopping nowadays is cleverly set up to put an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. That intermediary might be Amazon, eBay, another shopping platform, or an advertising portal like Google.

With food, it’s Uber Eats or Deliveroo. With taxis it’s Uber. With groceries it’s Getir. There’s always someone who wants to put themselves between buyer and seller at your expense.

However you wrap that up, somebody in between the buyer and the seller is looking to make a profit there, and that profit must be included in the price that you pay. It isn’t absorbed, it’s added on.

If you buy a Sebo vacuum cleaner from Amazon. The minimum fee that the seller is charged by Amazon is 16.5%. The maximum can be closer to 40% if the seller stores the products in the Amazon warehouses for prime delivery. An example of this is the commercial BS360 vacuum cleaner. Here it is on our site and here it is an Amazon. See the price difference? That price difference is your contribution toward Jeff‘s next spaceship. You’ll probably still be buying it from us.

Contrary to popular belief, Amazon isn’t an especially cheap platform. We have a whole article on that here: Buying Sebo spares and vacuums from Amazon

The Sebo Shop

Using Google

If you Google Sebo X7 Pet vacuum cleaner, for example, you’ll see first Google shopping results. Those results are paid for. All the advertisements and affiliate sites you see in those horizontal bars cost the seller money if you shop with them, that cost one way or the other will be passed on to you.

The next few items down also are also usually paid listings. Let’s take a look:

Sebo Vacuum Cleaners at the Best Price

In the first image, you see they are all paid advertisements. Sebo Vacuum Cleaners at the Best Price

In the second image “Genie” and “High Street One” are affiliate click-through sites meaning someone is earning money and the seller is paying. Redbrain is another you may see. Then you see Google product reviews (there to put you back through Google Shopping, a service where the seller pays).

Sebo Hoovers at the Best Price

In the last image above, the first is Sebo UK themselves (not the cheapest), and next is the first proper organic result that isn’t paid for, in this case, us. Next is Price Runner, another affiliate site.

Getting the best value on a new Sebo means cutting out the middleman, which means not going via platforms like Amazon, Google and affiliate sites. It means buying direct.

The Sebo Shop

Choosing the Right Seller

Anyone can list anything they like online. if it looks too good to be true, it often is. You can find repackaged returns, grey market imports with two-pin European plugs (that Sebo won’t honour the warranty on) and all kinds of dodgy stuff if you obsess too much on getting a Sebo vacuum at the lowest possible price and pay no attention to the seller.

We are Sebo-approved retailers. We’re one of the largest Sebo dealers in the UK, certainly in the North. Our machines aren’t grey market imports nor are they repackaged department store returns. Our machines come directly from Sebo and domestic machines have the full five-year guarantee.

Sebo Retailer

If you buy from somewhere like Euronics, Argos, Currys or John Lewis they are seldom the best value for a Sebo vacuum cleaner and only have a very limited range.

Large organisations and chain stores have large wage bills, lots of ‘diversity officers’ and health and safety people in high viz jackets to pay for, and many pensions to fund for people that retired 15 years ago. Not to mention overheads for flashy stores. We demystify department store special editions and many other things in this article: Which is the best value Sebo you can buy?

Sebo Vacuum Cleaners at the Best Price: Let’s Do Some Maths

I’ll keep this short as many people find maths tedious.

Imagine we buy a Sebo vacuum cleaner for £300 and would like to make 10% clear on it so we want £330. If you visit us and pay cash you can buy it for £330.

If you visit us and pay with a card it might cost you £335 because the card company costs about £5 to process a face-to-face payment.

If you buy it online from us, PayPal or Nochex charges about 3.3% to process your payment and we have to pay to send it to you. So the £330 vacuum cleaner now costs maybe £349. Still quite decent.

If we used Google Shopping, Pricerunner, Genie, Quidco, Topcashback or any number of intermediaries, they might cost £10-15 to send you through to buy, so that vacuum might be £365 now.

If we sell it to you on Amazon, we need 20% off the top to cover their fees and onerous policies. We need £420 if we are going to sell it to you on Amazon.

The moral of the story is? Buy direct from the seller with no middlemen if you want Sebo vacuum cleaners at the best price.

Sebo Vacuum Cleaners at the Best Price

Let’s Discuss Returns

Here’s something no other seller will be honest enough to tell you: we discourage returns. If you return a machine to us you will pay for the return carriage and you will have a deduction from your refund for any loss of value. If you buy a commercial machine, you will buy it on B2B terms, and our B2B terms are no returns.

We have well-written and accurate product descriptions, we have a very extensive blog here crammed with information (the search bar is your friend) and we also have free advice forums. You can also contact us directly about any potential purchase if none of those resources answer your question. We prefer to engage with you before you buy in order to be sure that you are making the correct decision and buying a machine that is suitable for your needs. Because of this approach, we enjoy a return rate of close to zero.

So if you’re buying a Sebo vacuum cleaner, we would urge you not only to read the product description and watch any videos but to read the relevant articles on the blog here, and if necessary ask questions on our advice forums in order that you buy the right machine the first time. That way returns should not be necessary.

Thankfully, Sebo is such a quality product that people tend not to be dissatisfied with them so returns are generally lower than they would be for other brands anyway. If we were selling Vax or Shark we’d expect 20% of the machines to come back. By selling Sebo and giving people a lot of information before they buy, you can count our returns per annum on one hand and still have spare fingers – yet we sell thousands of machines every year.

Our cheaper prices are aimed at people who have made their mind up who don’t make a habit of returning things.

If you already know exactly what you want and you are looking for the best service at a competitive price, feel free to check out our machines by clicking the banner below.

The Sebo Shop

Do you often return things? If you’re an indecisive person or somebody who often likes to return things, we’d urge you to shop at John Lewis or Amazon which have very generous return policies.

Change of mind returns cost sellers a lot of money, so you should choose a more expensive retailer if you are one of those people, in order that your choices are built into the price that you pay.

If you’re in the habit of returning things, we’ll be completely honest with you and say that we thank you for your interest, but we don’t want you as a customer. Who else is honest enough to tell you that? It’s one reason we are able to sell Sebo vacuum cleaners at the best price and one reason we have so many good reviews.

Further reading: Our main website homepage is >here<. Our repair information page is >here< and our location and opening times are >here<.


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Sebo Repairs: as an official Sebo service centre and parts stockist, we undertake repairs to all Sebo vacuums.

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