Sebo Vacuum Cleaners and Bags at John Lewis

By | June 16, 2022

About Sebo Vacuum Cleaners and Bags at John Lewis

Can you get better value on Sebo vacuum cleaners and bags than at John Lewis? Yes, you can. We’ll show you how.

John Lewis used to stock a wide range of vacuum cleaners and spares from the German manufacturer Sebo. They used to stock all the Sebo hoover bags and replacement parts such as brush rolls and service boxes too. However, John Lewis has drastically reduced the number of Sebo products they offer in recent years. But don’t despair, we are going to point you to where you can get better value on everything Sebo. Links on this page open in a new tab or window so you can verify and research without losing the page.

John Lewis Sebo

Sebo Vacuum Cleaners at John Lewis

John Lewis currently stocks four models of upright vacuum cleaners and no cylinder ones at all anymore. So if you’re looking for a cylinder Sebo vacuum, you won’t find one at John Lewis. However, we can show you where you can buy the two best-selling Sebo cylinder vacuums:

So let’s look at which uprights they sell and see if we can save you money.

John Lewis sells the “SEBO Automatic X7 ePower Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Graphite”. We have a whole article on how we can save you money on this model, read it here: The Sebo X7 Graphite – Can You Buy Cheaper Than From John Lewis?

John Lewis sells the “SEBO Automatic X7 Excel ePower Upright Vacuum Cleaner, White”. We have a whole article on how we can save you money on this model, read it here: The Sebo X7 Excel – Can You Only Buy Them in John Lewis?

John Lewis sells the “SEBO X7 Excel Plus Vacuum Cleaner” in blue. At the time of writing, this is £439.90. If you bought this blue Sebo X7 from us and this mini turbo tool with it, you have the same machine with the same accessories (sans the headlight) for £368.74 and you just saved £71.16. 

Better value would be to buy this black Sebo X7 Pet from us and get the same specification plus a charcoal filter and the Boost button you don’t get with the “Excel Plus” and save just under £55. We like the idea of paying less and getting more. Of course, prices will vary over time so you may see a different figure saved depending on when you’re reading this – but you should still see a saving.

John Lewis sells the “SEBO Felix Excel Vacuum Cleaner”. At the time of writing, that is £349.90. That is a Felix the same as this Felix we sell, except ours has a navy blue filter cover and not a black one. The John Lewis one comes with this mini turbo tool too. Those two items from us at the time of writing come out at £332.74, so we’re only saving you £17 on that one, but that’s still a bottle of decent wine, isn’t it? As above, prices will vary over time so you may see a different figure saved depending on when you’re reading this – but you should still see a saving.

Sebo Hoover Bags at John Lewis

If you previously bought a Sebo Airbelt E series cylinder vacuum at John Lewis, you’ll find they no longer stock the bags for them.

SEBO 8300ER Filterbox Airbelt E Ultra Bags

That doesn’t mean you can’t buy them anymore though. Of course, you can and we sell them. Find them here: SEBO 8300ER Filterbox Airbelt E Ultra Bags

Sebo Vacuum Cleaners and Bags at John Lewis

Sebo confusingly calls the Airbelt E series 8300ER packets of bags a “filterbox” when in fact they are only bags (although the bags do act as a first-stage filter). We stock also the *actual* filters for the Airbelt E series Sebo range and the whole range of Sebo bags so you can keep on SEBOing.

Sebo Spares at John Lewis

John Lewis still stocks a limited range of accessories such as brush rolls and filters for upright machines. But in all cases, you’ll find we have cheaper options on our online Sebo shop. We also have a huge range of replacement hoses, spare parts, extra tools and accessories, and pretty much anything you might ever want for your Sebo.

Is It Time To Consider Buying Elsewhere?

That’s for you to decide. It’s probably fair comment to say John Lewis has scaled back their Sebo range and brand expertise somewhat over the last year or two. Our local JL store seems to have a greater focus on Dyson products nowadays. But if you are a Sebo vacuum user, you’re not going to even consider a Dyson vacuum. Why would you? Dyson fans and hair dryers, maybe. JL sells a good range of those, but vacuums? Not really. By the way, did you know Sebo is bringing out a cordless?

About Us

We are ‘The Sebo Shop’ at Manchester Vacs. We’re the largest independent vacuum store in the North and are approved Sebo dealers. We are a family business and we’ve been around a long time. We sell mostly online and also in our bricks-and-mortar premises here in sunny Stockport (alright, it’s not usually so sunny here, but we’re optimists).

Look at this rather nice review a gentleman left for us recently on Trustpilot:

A Proper Shop, Run by Proper People

I recently visited Manchester Vacs after stumbling across their website online and realising they were local to me.

Earlier in the day, I had been looking at a Sebo X7 priced at £384.90 in John Lewis, Cheadle. After a quick price check online I found that Manchester Vacs had the next model up, the X7 Extra, for £327.99! That’s £56.91 less for a better model, it had to be worth a visit. Just for full info purposes that same model is priced at £439.90 in John Lewis!

I drove up there, explained what I had seen and what I was looking for and they were quite simply fantastic! They explained that they’re Sebo representatives and that basically they sell more so can sell for less.

It went beyond price for me though, it was the service on the day that would keep me going back. They gave me a full run-down of how everything worked, some background to the brand and they even set it all up and loaded it in the car. They talked me through how to use all the attachments properly, how to carry it and how to correctly maintain it. They’re clearly experts in their field who care about what they do and how they sell it.

I’m a big advocate for supporting local and independent businesses and this is definitely one that you should visit if you’re in the market for anything Vac related, they sell it all (including a genuine 70s/80s Ewbank which I’m going back for on Thursday).

Shop here, you won’t be disappointed. – Max Aremia

He did indeed come back for his vintage Ewbank as well!

All Sebo vacuums and spares from the Sebo Shop at Manchester Vacs are delivered with DPD or Royal Mail 24 fully tracked next working day delivery. If you are relatively local to us you can get our Premium Home Delivery at no extra cost as well. You can also come and visit us if you are relatively local.

The Sebo Shop – part of Manchester Vacs – are approved Sebo dealers offering the full range of domestic and commercial Sebo vacuums together with consumables and spare parts.

The Sebo Shop