Is Your Sebo Automatic X Vacuum Hard to Push? How to Fix It

By | July 19, 2020

Is your Sebo Automatic vacuum cleaner hard to push? We show you how to fix it inexpensively.

If you have one of the Automatic X range of Sebo vacuum cleaners, and it’s a few years old now, it may possibly have become harder to push than it once was.

Your Sebo Automatic X should be a very light machine to push on all floor types. If it isn’t, read on.

It is possible that the “check brushroll” light is illuminated or comes on on certain types of floors when it didn’t before.

The chances are your machine doesn’t need a trip to the repair shop, and this is often something you can fix yourself.

If your Sebo vacuum is any variant or colour of one of the following models: X1, X1.1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X7, X8, XP1, XP2, XP3, XP10, XP20 or XP30 – then this article applies to you.

You will know that your Sebo has a self-levelling mechanism (why it’s called an Automatic) – you can see how it works on this short Sebo promo video:

The basic premise of the self-levelling feature is that when the machine is stood up, the cleaner head will rise up. When the machine is reclined, the cleaner head will lower to the floor surface (more so when the Boost button on X4 and X7 Boost models is used).

As long as your machine is perceptibly raising and lowering a little – and it may be a very little – when swapped between reclined and stood up positions (the green lights will tell you even if you can’t see it so easily), the likely fault is the brushroll.

Sebo vacuum brushroll

But my brushroll looks OK? 

You may have looked at your brushroll, perhaps cleaned it recently, and thought it looks OK and the bristles seem quite long. But that isn’t all you need to know. It’s not that simple.

After years of use, your brush roller may exhibit very little visible wear so gives the impression it is still fit for service. However, don’t be fooled by this (as many people are). The bristles become soft with time with the result that the machine becomes very heavy to push around when in use.

This is because the electronic height adjustment – the automatic self-levelling system – which senses the resistance of the brushroll against the floor is fooled by the soft bristles into lowering the height more than necessary.

Sometimes this allows the front chrome base plate strip to make unnecessary contact with the floor.

Is Your Sebo Automatic X Vacuum Hard to Push?

If that strip is beaten and bashed – replace that too.

When fitted, you will find the bristles on a new brush roller are much stiffer than the old one that you are replacing. This means the resistance is now correct and the automatic height system can work properly. So the cleaner head won’t be pushed too far into the carpet any more and the machine should once again be easy to push.

Is Your Sebo Automatic X Vacuum Hard to Push?

If your Sebo vacuum is an X1, X1.1 or an X4, and especially if it has white bristles and/or has never been changed, it is time to change the brushroll anyway.

The brushroll is the business end of your Sebo. It is one of the hardest working parts on your vacuum. So it stands to reason it will be an item you will replace after a long period of hard work.

If your brushroll is of an unknown age, or has white bristles, change it as a routine matter. That solves the vast majority of automatic height adjustment issues.

Original or aftermarket? 

Some people confuse aftermarket parts with fake parts.

Aftermarket parts are not “fakes” as some assert, they are simply compatible parts made by alternative manufacturers that allow the consumer to save money.

Some aftermarket parts are indeed of poor quality (you’ll often find those on eBay and Amazon – caveat emptor there), but some also are made to excellent standards and more still are OEM parts (made by the same manufacturer that make them for the original brand). Brands may not like that the aftermarket exists, but it does, it’s legal and it isn’t going away.

On some of our spares listings we offer a genuine Sebo product alongside an aftermarket option. In the case of any part we sell, it will be good quality and perfectly suitable for purpose so you have no concerns on that front.

That said, genuine Sebo brush rolls are relatively inexpensive – usually under £20 – so most people buy a genuine one. But for those who like to economise a little, aftermarket ones are there too.

Where to buy?

If you have a Sebo Automatic X1, X1.1, X4, X7, XP1 or XP10 and are in the UK, you can find the brushroll on our site here: Sebo Automatic X Brushroll

If you have another Sebo model, please browse our full range of Sebo spares here: Sebo Vacuum Spares

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