Sebo Vacuum Power Cord Repair Service by Post

By | January 18, 2022

UK Sebo Power Cord Repair Service

There’s no need to buy a full replacement handle and flex for your Sebo – we can repair your existing one for less than a new one costs. You just send it to us, we’ll fit a new cable and send it right back to you. This page is here to enable you to do that.

  • For those local to us (Manchester, Tameside or Stockport) who want to bring in their Sebo handle for a while-you-wait repair, you can find all you need to know on >>this page<<.
  • For those who want to replace their own Sebo flex, we sell the standard one >>here<<, a slightly longer and beefier one >>here<< and a commercial orange one >>here<<. There is a video tutorial on Youtube >>here<<.
  • For those who want assistance with DIY repairs, please use our >>advice forums<< for that, make a free account and ask the question there. We are unable to give one-to-one DIY repair advice by email or phone.
  • This service is designed for Sebo owners whose machine is out of warranty or ineligible for warranty.
  • If your machine is still covered by Sebo warranty, you need to contact Sebo direct on 01494 465533. The service we offer on this page is chargeable.

How To Know if You Need a Replacement Power Cable

You might call it a power cable, power cord, a flex, a lead, a cable or a wire. Whatever you call it, we can fix it for you.

Sebo X Series upright vacuums break down far less than other vacuums as you’ll know if you’ve got one. However, when they do suddenly stop working, it’s often just the power cable. Even if there’s no visual damage, wear and tear can cause the cable to fail internally close to where it goes into the machine. If your Sebo was working just fine and suddenly stopped (and there were no nasty noises, smells or smoke to herald its demise), it may just need a replacement flex.

Many people assume the switch itself is at fault. That’s almost never the case as the switches last a very long time and seldom fail. It’s usually the cable.

Here’s how to diagnose if it’s just the flex at fault: plug it in and switch it on. Grasp the power cord a few inches from where it goes into the handle. Move it very gently and slowly up and down, side to side and maybe round in a circle. Try twisting it a little left and right. If the machine bursts into life, even for a moment while you are doing that, then it needs a replacement power cord. In this case, the cable has broken internally and a new one will fix it.

If that doesn’t work, try doing the same a few inches back from the plug.  Very occasionally, they can fail where the wire goes into the plug.

If you still can’t be sure, do you have another Sebo or a neighbour, relative, or friend with a Sebo? If so, try their full handle on your machine. If it works, you know it’s the cable.

The responsibility for diagnosis is yours. If you can’t satisfy yourself it’s just the flex at fault, then consider using our >>Sebo repair service<< instead. 

Send Your Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Power Cord for Repair 

If your machine needs service or repair that isn’t just the power cord, use instead >>our Sebo repair service<<. This page is for power cord (flex, cable, wire) repairs only.

If you are not local to us, and your Sebo is out of warranty, you can send your full Sebo handle and flex to us for repair. This page is here to enable you to do that painlessly.

The Sebo vacuums this service covers are:

  • The X1
  • The X1.1
  • The X4
  • The X5
  • The X7
  • The X8
  • The commercial XP range (XP2, XP3, XP10, XP20 and XP30)
  • Ensign SM1 and SM2 models

Preparing to Send Your Sebo Handle for Repair

Your Sebo Automatic X is a modular machine; which means it dismantles easily. 

You are sending us the handle and cable assembly only. 

In order to do this, first locate this lever at the base of the handle on your Sebo (If your Sebo is an X1, the release lever lifts up at the back of the handle and not the side):

Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Flex Repair

Flicking that lever over allows the handle to be removed. You now have this:

Sebo vacuum power cord repair

This is what you need to package up and send to us.

Packaging Your Sebo Handle & Flex 

Find a suitable-sized box (local shops can help with that). Package your Sebo handle up as best you can so the contents don’t move around inside. Screwed up newspaper is useful here if you have no other packaging. Pack the box as tightly as you can and tape it up. 

Important: Find our service slip by clicking the button below:

Print and fill in that slip and enclose it with your parcel. If you don’t do that, we won’t know where or from whom the parcel has come. 

Measure and weigh your parcel (bathroom scales are adequate for weighing). Round weights and sizes up rather than down if in doubt, as couriers charge for under-declared mistakes in weight or size. 

Sending Your Sebo Handle & Flex for Repair

No appointment or book in process is necessary. Our address is on the service slip to be found by clicking the yellow button above.

To send a parcel, most people tend to default to the Post Office. While perfectly competent and offering a good service, the Post Office are seldom the cheapest option. They are usually the most expensive option, in fact. 

For boxes of this size, we find couriers more efficient. Many of our customers use >>this site<< to send parcels to us (we have no affiliation to them). They act as an aggregator and allow you to access most of the major couriers at cheap prices on a one-off basis. There you can choose the courier you prefer (we like DPD or UPS, but choose any one you like), choose the price, choose insurance if you need it (probably not necessary, but your choice) and choose if you will drop off the package at a local shop or drop off point or have it collected from your address. 

You will find very cheap options like Hermes, APC, Yodel or ones you have never heard of at just a few pounds, but you get what you pay for. Our view is that there is no point in saving a couple of pounds and having a budget courier taking five days instead of two, leaving your parcel on a doorstep at 7pm, tossing it over a wall in the rain for the weekend or losing it altogether.

Customer service at budget couriers and aggregator sites is close to zero, so mitigate the risks by using a proper courier we say. 

It is your choice and at your risk as to how you send your handle to us. Our advice above is offered simply from our long experience over two decades sending parcels each and every day. 

What Happens When Your Sebo Handle & Flex Arrives for Repair

When your handle arrives, you will know as you will have the tracking from whoever you used to send it. One of our engineers will replace the flex – usually the same day. We will send you a checkout link so you can pay. After you have paid, we will return it to you by Royal Mail Tracked 24 (a fast and tracked service).

What Does a Sebo Power Cord Repair Cost? 

Our standard charge for a 10m flex supplied and fitted is £39 including VAT and return carriage.

If you want the 10.9m heavy-duty flex, the cost is £42 including VAT and return carriage.

If your machine needs a replacement entry grommet too, which is one of these….

… that adds £3.75 (just the cost of the part).

Before Your Sebo Handle & Flex Comes Back

Before we send you a checkout link to pay online, it’s a good time to consider if you need any spare bags, tools or other spares and accessories. If so, there will be no extra delivery cost to pay for those items, so it’s a good time to stock up on things like bags, spare filters or a service box. Make a note on your service slip if you want to add something or want us to call you to add something on. 

Getting Your Sebo Handle & Flex Back

When we send your handle back to you, it will come with Royal Mail Tracked 48 and you will get an SMS and an email when it is booked. You will get further SMS messages and emails from Royal Mail to allow you to track the progress of your parcel so you know pretty much what time it will arrive back. You will also have options to have it left with a neighbour or change the delivery day. 

Other Information

If you have a query not answered on this page, please do not telephone us as our phone lines are extremely busy. Please >>click here<< to email us instead in order that the correct person can answer your query accurately.