Sebo Vacuum Repairs, Service & Sales in Bramhall

By | July 3, 2022

Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Repairs in Bramhall

If you’re looking for Sebo vacuum cleaner repairs in Bramhall or anywhere else in Stockport, we’re your local Sebo vacuum cleaner approved service centre right here in sunny Bredbury. We’re the main agent.

Sebo repairs Bramhall

If you’re in need of a Sebo vacuum repair in Bramhall, look no further. Our expert team can fix any problem and get your machine working like new again.

Whatever is wrong with your Sebo vacuum cleaner, we can repair it.

Have Your Sebo Vacuum Repaired in Bramhall

If your Sebo vacuum is suffering from any of the following symptoms, we can repair it.

  • Intermittent cutting out
  • Damaged power cord where it enters the handle (we do those while you wait)
  • Automatic height adjustment not working correctly
  • Not picking up like it once was
  • Difficult to push on the carpet (especially deep pile carpet)
  • No power at all when you switch it on
  • Smoke, smell, or ominous rumbling from the motor
  • Red ‘bag full’ warning light lit up when the bag has been changed
  • Cutting out after a short time with a bag or brush warning light on
  • ‘Check brush’ light illuminated

We take pride in our reputation for providing high-quality repairs on all models of Sebo vacuum cleaners. Our engineers have many years of experience working with the whole Sebo range, and we’re ready to help you.

No need to book in or call ahead. Opening times, map, directions, address, telephone number, email and everything else you need to know is on our >find us page<.

Or you can see where we are on the map below.

How Do We Differ From Small Corner Repair Shops?

We specialise. It is important to choose a specialist repairer who has the knowledge and experience to carry out the work correctly. A Sebo-approved repairer has received training from the manufacturer on how to repair your Sebo vacuum and has access to all genuine spare parts. This ensures that your Sebo is repaired to the highest possible standards and that any warranty you have remains valid.

Sebo repairs in Bramhall width=

Our technicians fix Sebo vacuums all day every day. Aside from Dyson repairs, Sebo is all we do. We don’t fix Hoover, Miele, Shark or Gtech if we can help it.

You’re probably familiar with the phrase, “Jack of all trades, master of none”. We’re the place some local repair shops quietly bring people’s Sebos to when they can’t figure out the problem.

Don’t let a ‘Jack of all trades’ have a stab at fixing your Sebo vacuum. Bring it to the experts at Manchester Vacs

No need to book in or call ahead. Opening times, map, directions, address, telephone number, email and everything else you need to know is on our >find us page<.

How Long Does a Sebo Repair Take?

For a Sebo X Series and Felix power cord (cable) replacement, we can usually do that while you wait for significantly less than the cost of a new replacement handle and flex assembly.

We’re your one-stop-shop for all things Sebo. If it’s not something we can diagnose on the spot, then we’ll call you with a price within 24 hours or less. A repair would typically be completed within 2-3 days. You pay when collect – there are no surprises here or sneaky add-ons. A painless experience.

What Does a Sebo Repair Cost in Bramhall?

A quote is always free. We have a minimum charge of £20 for small jobs. As an example, a replacement while-you-wait power cord replacement costs £35 all in. Typical labour charges for other repairs are in the region of £35-55 depending on the repair. Any extra parts required would be on top. As Sebo parts specialists, our parts prices are always competitive. We supply the trade with spare parts too.

Is It Worth Repairing an Old Sebo Vacuum Cleaner?

Sebo vacuum cleaners are well-known for their German engineering and quality construction. Sebo vacuums are also very environmentally friendly, as they are designed to be repaired instead of replaced. As a result, Sebo vacuum cleaners have a much lower environmental impact than other brands of vacuum cleaners. Furthermore, Sebo vacuum cleaners are very durable and long-lasting, so it is often worth repairing an old Sebo vacuum rather than buying a new one.

Look at these old Sebos.

Sebo repairs in Bramhall

The one on the left is from the 1990s. The one on the right is from the early 2000s. These are customers’ machines we have repaired and serviced. We see Sebo machines of this age every day of the week. So yes, your old Sebo is worth repairing.

No need to book in or call ahead. Opening times, map, directions, address, telephone number, email and everything else you need to know is on our >find us page<.

If My Sebo Can’t Be Fixed, Can I Get a New One?

In the unlikely event that your Sebo vacuum isn’t a viable repair, we carry the full range of new Sebo vacuum cleaners, both domestic and commercial models. If you’re thinking of a new Sebo vacuum, always bring your old one with you dead or alive, we’ll always give you something for it against a new one. Even if it’s only a packet of bags, it’s better than queuing up at Bredbury tip or dismantling it to put in your wheelie bin over several weeks.

Girl with Sebo vacuum

We also have shop floor demonstrators of most models so you can try one out before you buy. As we get our machines directly from Sebo UK and not from distributors or buying groups such as Euronics, buying face-to-face from us usually means you save money as you’re not paying hidden delivery charges or third-party platform fees. It also allows us to discuss deals on bags, quantity discounts, cash discounts, etc.

We absolutely guarantee you a better deal on a new Sebo than John Lewis or Euronics.

Plus we’ll assemble your new machine free of charge if you like so you don’t need to think about disposing of the packaging.

No need to book in or call ahead. Opening times, map, directions, address, telephone number, email and everything else you need to know is on our >find us page<.

Sebo Spare Parts and Bags in Bramhall

As Sebo parts specialists we also keep the full range of bags, tools, flexes, hoses and accessories. So if you are fixing your Sebo yourself, or just want some bags, pop down – we’ll have them. We are not far away. If you would rather buy online, you can do that too by clicking the banner at the bottom.

Further reading: Our main website homepage is >here<. Our repair information page is >here< and our location and opening times are >here<.


The Sebo Shop at Manchester Vacs are approved Sebo dealers offering next-day UK delivery on all domestic and commercial Sebo vacuum cleaners and spare parts.

Sebo repairs in Bramhall: as an official Sebo service centre and parts stockist, we undertake repairs to all Sebo vacuums.

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