Sebo Vacuum Sales, Service & Repairs in Salford Quays

By | June 14, 2022

Sebo Vacuum Sales, Service & Repairs in Salford Quays

The apartment buildings and mews houses at Salford Quays are an attractive option for families, young professionals and retirees alike.

Sebo vacuums are a popular choice for many people living in Salford Quays, and as many of the properties there have hard floors, we have found that the compact range of Sebo cylinder vacuums are especially popular with those who live there.

Sebo Vacuum Sales, Service & Repairs in Salford Quays

For everything Sebo vacuum related, we are the largest Sebo main dealer covering the Salford and Manchester area.

Sebo Vacuum Repairs in Salford Quays

If your Sebo vacuum is broken or not performing as it once was, it’s unlikely you will need to think about replacing it. It’s usually quite feasible to have it repaired, and better for the planet too.

Our expert technicians can have your Sebo vacuum up and running again in no time at all, usually for much less than the cost of replacing it. If you’re stuck for time or have no transport, we have a service where you can send your Sebo in for repair. If you’d rather bring it down, you can check out our repair information page here and our location, map, directions and everything for the visitor is to be found on this page on our main site.

We are approved Sebo service agents and repair all Sebo vacuum cleaners – domestic Sebo vacuums as well as commercial ones.

Why We’re Different From Small Repair Shops

There’s a subtle difference between a place that can repair your Sebo (along with other appliances) and a place that repairs Sebos all day every day. We don’t need to waste your time “waiting for parts to come in” or investigating obscure faults at your expense. There’s no fault on a Sebo we haven’t seen before. We have everything in stock.

When the BBC want some vacuum expertise they ask us. When ex-cabinet ministers want a Sebo vacuum cleaner, they come to us. When ITV want a Sebo vacuum cleaner for Coronation St, they get it from us. When Gordon Burns from the Krypton Factor wants his vacuum repaired, he comes to us.

Our >>150+ plus Google reviews speak for themselves<<. If you visit us you’ll find ample parking, toilets and even a coffee machine. We’re a cut above a back street repair shop.

Sebo Vacuum Bags & Spares in Salford Quays

If you need bags for your Sebo, tools, or other accessories, you can call down to our premises or buy Sebo spares online from us here.

Sebo Vacuum Bags & Spares in Salford Quays

As the biggest Sebo dealer in the North West, we have more Sebo spare parts than anyone else. We have bags for all models and also keep the full range of tools, hoses and accessories in stock.

If you’re doing a DIY repair to your Sebo, we’ll have the spare parts you need too. Before you pay more on Amazon, check out our site. We have a bigger range of Sebo bags and spares than Amazon, we’re often cheaper and we deliver faster.

Opening times, map, directions, address, telephone number, email and everything else you need to know is on our >find us page<.

Sebo Vacuum Sales in Salford Quays

There isn’t a Sebo dealer in Quayside, the nearby Lowry, the Trafford Centre, or in the City Centre. We’re probably your nearest. We carry the full range of new Sebo vacuum cleaners, both domestic and commercial models. If you’re thinking of a new Sebo, and you have an old one dead or alive, always bring it with you, we’ll always give you something for it against a new one. Even if it’s only a packet of bags, it’s better than taking it to the local recycling facility.

Sebo Vacuum Sales in Salford Quays

We also have shop floor demonstrators of most of the new Sebo models so you can try them out before you buy. As we get our machines directly from Sebo UK and not from distributors or buying groups such as Euronics, buying face-to-face from us usually means you save money as you’re not paying hidden delivery charges or third-party platform fees.

We absolutely guarantee you a better deal on a new Sebo than your local Euronics or other local stores.

Plus we’ll assemble your new machine free of charge if you like so you don’t need to think about disposing of the packaging. We’ll get rid of the box and polystyrene and we even recycle it all.

Further reading: Our main website homepage is >here<. Our repair information page is >here< and our location and opening times are >here<.


The Sebo Shop at Manchester Vacs are approved Sebo dealers offering next-day UK delivery on all domestic and commercial Sebo vacuum cleaners, bags and spare parts.

Sebo Vacuum Sales, Service & Repairs in Salford Quays : as an official Sebo agent and service centre, if its Sebo and we haven’t got it, you probably don’t need it.

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