The Sebo X7 Pastel Range of Vacuum Cleaners.

By | August 15, 2019

Sebo are launching a new pastel range of their flagship X7 vacuum cleaners on the 5th September 2019.

We at The Sebo Shop are giving you the insider information three weeks before launch.

In this post we’ll explain the new colour range, the specification differences to the existing Sebo vacuum cleaners and where to buy one.

There are four new variants on the new Sebo X7 Pastel range. These are the pre-launch photos.

This is the Sebo X7 Pastel Pink. 

Sebo X7 Pastel Pink

As with the Sebo Felix Rose, Sebo are donating 25% of the profits to the Pink Ribbon Foundation – a breast cancer charity.

This is the Sebo X7 Pastel Twist.

Sebo X7 Pastel Twist

While ostensibly similar in shade to the Sebo X7 Pastel Pink above, the Sebo X7 Pastel Twist is more of a subtle lavender slash darker pink colour than the Pink. When we have some actual machines to look at we can discuss the colour differences in more detail than these pre-production shots are showing us. We’ll be able to take some better photos then too.

Why is it called the Twist? We didn’t manage to find this out. We think it’s confusing to have two machines that look so similar in colour shade, but on your behalf we delved into the dictionary to consult the many definitions of twist and this seemed the closest:

a new treatment or outlook; a variation.
“she takes conventional subjects and gives them a twist”
synonyms: interpretationslantoutlookangleapproachtreatment;

“a new twist on an old theme”

If we get an update from Sebo on this, you’ll be the first to know. So, being currently none the wiser, let’s move on………..

This is the Sebo X7 Pastel Mint.

Sebo X7 Pastel Mint

Now again, we think the pre-production shots are not doing this justice, but we are apparently looking at a soft mint green colour here. How greeny-grey this really is (or not), again can only be debated when there is an actual machine we can photograph in our shop next month. You guys are getting the pre-production inside skinny here……..

This is the Sebo X7 Pastel Blue. 

Sebo X7 Pastel Blue

This photo is probably more representative than the others. Here we are looking at a baby blue eggshell shade of Sebo X7 in the Sebo X7 Pastel Blue.

For better photos of these machines as they come into stock, please >>follow us on Instagram<< as the moment we start unboxing them, that is where you will see them first.

So to recap, here are the four new colours of the new Sebo Pastel range:

  • Pink
  • Lavender (or dark pink if you like – TBA)
  • Mint green (maybe with a tinge of grey – TBA)
  • Baby blue eggshell.

So now you want to know if, and if so, how they differ to the normal Sebo X7 vacuums?

To understand this, you have to understand the rest of the Sebo X7 range.

The problem with manufacturers releasing “special editions” like this is it broadens the range. Great if you just want a pastel coloured Sebo, but confusing if you are doing research.

The range is already broad by the fact that some large retailers have their own “exclusive special editions” from Sebo, and Euronics dealers have some very basic specification red machines nobody else has, and by doing this it confuses people who are doing research as to the best machine for them.

Sebo Automatic X7 Pet Black

So you want the best Sebo vacuum for you. Let’s try and demystify it a little. 

First read our article here: What is the Difference Between the Sebo X7 Vacuum Colour Versions? (Opens in a new window.)

If you are replacing an old Sebo X1, X1.1 or X4, read too our article here: Which New Sebo Vacuum Models Have Replaced the Sebo X1, X1 .1 and the X4? (Opens in a new window.)

If you are replacing a very old Sebo X1, also read this: Replacing a Sebo X1 Vacuum Cleaner. (Opens in a new window.)

To understand something about retailer “special editions” like the “Onyx” at AO, the “Excel” at John Lewis or the blue “ePower Boost” (not quite the same spec as the blue X7 Extra that we sell) at Hughes, read this article: The Sebo X7 Excel – Can You Only Buy Them in John Lewis? (Opens in a new window.)

Broadly speaking, and putting colours aside, with the Sebo X7 range (or the XP10 commercial), you start off with a basic machine, it comes with two tools (stair tool and crevice).

Then to different versions, any singular item or mixture of the following are added:

So what specification are the new Sebo X7 Pastel range? 

The new Sebo X7 Pastel range are all the same specification. There is no difference between the four colour variants.

The DO come with:

  • The headlamp (same as found on the black X7 Pet)
  • The Boost facility (same as found in the black X7 Pet)

However, they do NOT come with:

So think of them the same specification as a basic white ePower vacuum, but add the headlight and the Boost function from the X7 Pet.

Are you confused yet?

If you want to upgrade a Sebo X7 Pastel vacuum to the same specification as the top of the range Sebo black X7 Pet, you need to also buy the extra stuff linked above that they do NOT come with.  Adding all the extra stuff (if you need it all – which if you have retired an older Sebo you may not as all your old tools will fit) makes them a little more expensive than the top of the range black Pet model. However, that small price premium represents the exclusivity of the pastel range colours that you are choosing.

Also, as a limited edition, these machines will in time become quite rare like the see through Sebo in our museum or the very rare bright yellow Sebo once sent to us direct by Sebo in Germany. We don’t yet know how long the production run will be or how long the Sebo X7 Pastel range will be available.

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