Spare Parts for the Sebo X4.1 and X1.1

By | July 22, 2022

Spare Parts for the Sebo X4.1 and X1.1

If you have a Sebo X4.1 you may be frustrated when trying to look up spare parts for bags for it. Almost nobody lists spare parts specifically for the Sebo X4.1.

You might have better luck with the X1.1, but an X1.1 isn’t an X1 so mistakes ordering spare parts can happen there too.

We’re going to demystify the confusing model designations of the Sebo X4.1 and X1.1 and how they relate to the X1 and X4 to put you on the right track.

The Sebo X1

Let’s start at the beginning. The Sebo X1 was Sebo’s first UK domestic upright model launched in 1991. They look like this.

Sebo X1

A handful of special editions for certain retailers were made with some different colour trims such as you see below.

Sebo X1 variants

The brown, navy blue and teal (Co-op) coloured machines above are also X1s. Same machine as a regular X1 but with different colour trims. If you have one of those colour variants or one with purple accents (Harrods), they are quite rare nowadays (ignore the yellow X4 and the transparent X4 ones behind – they are not X1s, they are very rare models and not pertinent to this article).

The Sebo X4

In 1999, Sebo gave the X1 a facelift and a beefier motor, and the 1300w X1.1 and X4 models arrived.

Sebo X4.1, X1.1 and X4

Here’s where it starts to get confusing: the red and white models above are Sebo X1.1 models and the navy blue machine on the right is an X4.

So the early X1 is not to be confused with the later X1.1. The X1.1 is actually an X4 and not an X1. And just to confuse you, they also made some navy blue X1.1s with grey trims instead of yellow. They’re also exactly the same in all mechanical aspects to the regular X4 bar the odd PCB or belt.

As you can see, the X1.1 is the identical machine to the X4, just in different colours. So an X1 is an X1, but an X1.1 is an X4. Are you confused yet? You will be…..

The Sebo X4.1

So what is an X4.1? The X4.1 is another navy blue machine that is identical to the X4. Think of it as an early X4. We see the odd one for service and we’ve reconditioned the odd one too. Not very many were made (if we buy 100 machines for refurbishment/dismantling, we might see one).

There’s no mechanical difference at all between an X4 and an X4.1 apart from it saying X4.1 on the hood rather than X4. In fact, some machines badged on the hood as an X4 Extra say Sebo X4.1 on the serial plate.

Sebo X4.1

To get to the bottom of this, we asked the MD of Sebo UK to clarify what an X4.1 was, or more to the point, why was an X4 badged as an X4.1 at all? As so few were made in the dim and distant past, even he had forgotten!

It’s often the case with Sebo that a bit of badge engineering goes on. For example, John Lewis sold the X4 Excel. It was just a regular navy blue X4 with silver trims instead of yellow. But those silver trims made it a “special edition”. It was no more special than any other X4 other than it had silver trims.

It was likely the case that one of the big brands that Sebo used to supply such as Hughes or the now defunct Co-op Electrical had the X4.1 as a “special edition”. If you still have a Sebo X4.1 you bought new and it says Sebo X4.1 on the hood, email us and tell us where you bought it so we can update the article.

But here’s the skinny: if you have a Sebo X4.1 and you want spare parts or bags for it, know that it is just an X4 and you can safely buy bags and spares for a regular X4. Our X4 spares page is here: Buy Sebo X4.1 spare parts and bags

X4 Excel, Pro, Pet, Eco, etc.

To make the Automatic X4 models even more confusing, you find words after the model. X4 Extra, X4 Excel, etc.

Here’s how that works: The X4 Extra is the standard navy blue model with yellow trims that most Sebo dealers like us sold.

Sebo X4 Extra

Euronics went along to Sebo and asked for a “special edition” to sell in their stores. They got a red model and it was badged as a Sebo X1.1.

John Lewis went along to Sebo and asked for a “special edition” to sell in their stores. It was the navy blue machine above but with silver trims instead of yellow. They called it the Excel.

If you’re a big electrical retailer or department store that wants something “exclusive”, you can approach Sebo to make you a run of perhaps 10,000 machines. You might want a navy blue machine with grey trims on. You might supply it with a couple of extra tools or an extension hose for the stairs. You might call it an X6 Super for example. No such model existed, this is hypothetical. But that is how models such as the X4 Excel came to be. The X4.1 was likely a similar bit of badge engineering.

Pet models are black (but not all black models are Pet models). Early ones had extra tools and a charcoal filter to minimise pet smells, later ones had the Boost button too.

Internal PCBs differ on 1300w and 1100w Eco models, just replace like with like and you’ll be fine.

Boost models do have something different. They have a Boost button: a button you can press that lights up green and the machine lowers to give extra grooming to the carpet. It’s a great feature and not at all a gimmick. Given a choice, it’s the one to have. The odd “special edition” has a Boost button too, but the Pet Boost is always the one to have if you have a choice as not only is it a cool gloss black, it comes with the extra tools, charcoal filter and stair hose and represents the best value for money.

Sebo Boost button

Sebo kept the Boost feature on the current top model the Sebo X7 Pet Boost 

The X7 Pro is another bit of badge engineering. We have an article on that >here<.

Eco means when the EU first meddled in our vacuum cleaner wattage in 2013, machines were limited to 1100w.  Sebo tweaked their 1300w machines to run at 1100w to allow for this and called them Eco models. In 2017 the EU meddled again and limited our vacuums to 900w. That heralded the death of the fabulous X4 and the X7 was born. Find the news article the BBC did in our shop on the subject >>here<<

e-power refers to 900w X7 machines, which were forced upon us after the EU vacuum ban prohibited 1100w and 1300w machines.

An X5 is a wider X4. An X8 is a wider X7. An XP is a grey commercial version of the X series available in three widths (XP1, XP2, XP3 and  XP10, XP20, XP30).

Automatic refers to the automatic height sensor that makes the machine adapt to different floor types. All Sebo X models are automatic.


So let’s recap. In general terms, Pet Boost means the top model with the Boost button and a charcoal filter. Any other model with a Boost button has only that and not the other bells and whistles a Pet Boost has. Other words such as Excel, Pro or Extra after the X4 or X7 are essentially meaningless for spare parts purposes. Pastel refers only to the colour.

If you’re looking to buy spare parts for your Sebo vacuum cleaner, here’s where to go:

If you have a Sebo X1 (and it only says X1 and nothing else) go here: Sebo X1 spare parts

If you have a Sebo X1.1, its an X4 so go here: Sebo X4 spare parts

If you have an X4 Extra, Excel or an X4 anything, it’s still an X4 so go here: Sebo X4 spare parts

If you have an X4.1, that’s also an X4 so go here: Sebo X4 spare parts

If you have an X7 anything, go here: Sebo X7 spare parts

Bags for the X1, X1.1, X4.1, X4, X5, X7, X8 and XP anything are all the same. Find microfibre ones >>here<< and paper ones >>here<<.

Is it worth repairing an old Sebo X4, X4.1 or X1.1? It absolutely is, find out why >>here<<

Our blog here is full of information on everything Sebo, so feel free to poke about, use the search bar and you’ll find much reading about everything Sebo. If you want to shop online with us for bags, spares or a new vacuum, the banner below takes you right there.
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