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The Sebo X7 Excel – Can You Only Buy Them in John Lewis?

The Sebo X7 Excel vacuum cleaner is technically “exclusive” to John Lewis, but is it anything very special and can you buy it elsewhere cheaper? First and foremost, all Sebo X7 vacuum cleaners are identical in the basic specification. That is to say they all have the same body parts, motor, tool fittings, wand handles,… Read More »

The Sebo XP10 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner – First Look and a Floor Test

Here at the Sebo Shop we are very fond of our commercial Sebo vacuum cleaners. Today we got to have a first look at the new Sebo XP10 (a replacement for the old XP2). It arrived in a plain brown box from Sebo’s UK HQ. We quickly unboxed and assembled the Sebo XP10 and had… Read More »

Buy Sebo Vacuum Cleaners in and Around Cheshire

Buy Sebo Vacuum Cleaners in and Around Cheshire Authorised Sebo Dealers Cheshire – Manchester – Glossop Sales – Service – Repairs – Parts – Accessories Looking for a new Sebo vacuum cleaner? Before you buy from an unknown seller online or visit John Lewis, consider our Premium Home Delivery service.        Our Premium… Read More »