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What Is the Best Vacuum for Public Area Cleaning?

What is the best vacuum for public area cleaning? Public area cleaning refers to the cleaning and maintenance of areas that are open to the public and shared by many individuals, such as lobbies, hallways, staircases, elevators and common spaces in buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, airports, schools, and other public facilities. Clean public areas promote… Read More »

Sebo Launches the Softcase BP60 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Sebo Softcase BP60 cordless vacuum cleaner. Finally, it’s here! We heard rumours this machine was in development several years ago. We were the first to write about this vacuum here on the blog back in June 2022 when it was spotted at a trade show in Holland. Then in September 2022 we discovered some… Read More »

The New Sebo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: SoftCase BP60

Sebo Cordless SoftCase BP60 Vacuum Cleaner Edit: Now this machine has launched, there is an updated article >here<. We were the first to break the news back in June of the new Sebo battery-powered cordless vacuum cleaner. It’s called the Sebo BP60, and here is a first look: The battery slides into the side of… Read More »

Sebo Finally Launching a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: The SoftCase BP60

You Heard It From Manchester Vacs first: The Sebo SoftCase BP60 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Edit: Updated information on this article: The New Sebo Cordless vacuum Cleaner: The SoftCase BP60 Sebo, the German manufacturer of high-quality vacuum cleaners, is planning the launch of its long-awaited new cordless vacuum cleaner later this year. This machine has been… Read More »