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How to Strip Down a Sebo Turbo Floor Head – 8365GS

If you need to strip down a Sebo turbo floor head, this article is for you. The new replacement floorheads supplied by Sebo changed several years ago. They are ostensibly similar, and the new one performs better. The two types are below. The older type (6780ER) is at the back, the newer type (8365GS) is… Read More »

Our Rare Bright Yellow Sebo X4 Vacuum Cleaner

Today we’ve decided to show you one of our very rare Sebo vacuum cleaners. This is a bright yellow Sebo X4. The X4 is a discontinued model in all European countries (replaced by the Sebo X7 range) due to EU vacuum cleaner regulations. You can still buy them only in America and Australia until they… Read More »